Trojan War

Trojan War

So there I was, stabbing at toy horses and teddy bears. I was bored and I had to do something to level, so I decided to start a war with toys. I call it Trojan War.

Stage One
So this is how it began. I partied this guy lv29. I was massacring teddy bears and pink teddy bears. If you watched the video where the teddy’s massacre everyone, you’ll know why I was taking revenge on them: link
Result: shadowindsx – 1 Trojan – 0

Stage Two
Then, a horse popped out of nowhere. I ran out of white pots with 91 hp left and started to panic. Then I ate a hamburger. I got slapped around by the toy horse a few times and ran away with only 12 hp left. My friend kept it busy. Suddenly, a teddy spawned and came after me. I didn’t have enough time to take out my hamburgers and… I used dark sight.
Result: shadowindsx – 1 Trojan – 1

Stage Three
In Cloud Terrace 5, there was toy horses everywhere. Luckily, I found a safe place to hit the horses and not get hit myself (third block). Just watch out for the teddy bears that spawn from the top sometimes. I was trading fame with the other guy in the screenshot when a teddy bear almost killed me — again. Then I went back to slaughtering horses, but got knocked off a few more times. Later, my double stab kept hitting air. I gave up.
Result: shadowindsx – 1 Trojan – 2

As you can see, I got owned. As for me versus Mateon in Omega Sector… I don’t even want to talk about it.

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  1. The hamburger part was funny.
    ‘I was almost hit by a car (CHOY)(TOUCHWOOD) and then i ate a hamburger’

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