John’s Pink Flower Basket

This is the easiest jump quest in MapleStory. Still, I finished it about 30 times in 1 hour. This quest is repeatable and if you do it over, it gives you 2 of some random ore. No, you can’t get black crystal ores from this quest. The first stage is easy. There are very few obstacles in this stage. Stage Two is harder. To all the frustrated jumpers that con’t complete this quest, patience is the key. It’s way more important than nimble fingers. Plan your moves, and again, have patience. Learn from your mistakes. To evade most of the flying obstacles, duck. There are a few red ones that you have to jump over at the right time. Sometimes you have to get hit. That’s okay, as long as you don’t take a sad fall to the bottom and die. You should use some of the obstacles to boost you higher in the map. Remember, have patience!

Watch this video to find out more on how to do this quest:


Talk to John in Lith Harbor.

Go to Sleepywood and talk to the Mysterious Statue.

Climb step 1 and 2 of the Deep Forest of Patience and collect the Pink Violas.

Go back to John and give him the Pink Violas. (Note: You cannot trade or put the pink violas into bank)


2000 experience
Screw x 30

8 thoughts on “John’s Pink Flower Basket”

  1. I remember my friend was always doing that quest when I first started playing MS at the library. He’d make jokes like, “Wow, I guess this really is the Forest of Patience, huh?” I’d smile and do a facepalm when he wasn’t looking. >.>

  2. ZOMG! High quality video!

    I was never good at jump quests. Stupid frog legs. Although, I thought Shumi’s jump quest was easier. Strange, no?

  3. Nah, B1 is annoying. I know because I used to jump it every day when I trained my pre-page in the bonus area with the bubblings.
    Well, it’s more time consuming anyways.

  4. B1 is supposed to be harder. It is. You can duck in all of John’s JQs to dodge, but in B1, there’s lasers. And in B2 there’s disappearing lasers. John’s Last Present isn’t that hard. It’s just like any other JQ except the swinging axes deal mad damage to mages.

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