I wasted about 30 hours on hunterstory. To play, go on somewhere. It is a game where you play as an archer, fight monsters in maps, buy bows, use skills, and level up. I am level 1, and I ascended 5 times. I am definitely not gonna waste any more of my life explaining this game.

Tip #1: To unlock the Zakum map, you have to go to the shop and buy a fortune cookie that says “You will have a very bad day” or something like that.

Tip #2: Click and hold a bow as if you are about to buy it, then move the cursor off the button and let go. You have unlocked a badge.

Tip #3: 100% accuracy, 100% knockback, and shooting arrows higher in the air will have a huge impact on your mission grade.

Tip#4: For more info and help, go to

4 thoughts on “HunterStory”

  1. I tried that for a few minutes. I don’t see why people get addicted to it.

    Maybe I just suck at it.

    “Come to me Snaily!”

  2. -__-

    whyd u waste it making this blog? >.>

    or it really shouldnt be called one



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