What is with noobs?

lately ive become sick with all the noobs in maplestory. I mean we were all noobs once, but then there are the 6x noobs! They tick me off so much where do they get off thinking that they can act like asses and everyone will still be happy with they. And then there are hackers. What is the point of them hacking no one likes them. They dont even play the game. Is there some little hacker convention in which they have a contest to see who can piss the most people off?

7 thoughts on “What is with noobs?”

  1. In my opinion,noobs arnt low lv people but brainless morons
    And i agree!In pq,cant stand alot of them.
    ‘WHO GOT POT? D:’

    Just hearing it is severly sickening.

  2. I believe that the noob is a very social and vocal species. The noob will present his argument using as many weird acronyms and the such to hurt the brain of it’s primary prey, the pro. Once sufficently brain damaged the noobs will surround the pro and devour him, gaining them exp. Once they hit a certain level they will morph in a bizarre chrysalis fashion into a pro, and then the circle of life will begin again.

  3. Oh LordHoBo . I hail you with your great explanation of noobs ^^

    And Shadow , I love the way you think of noobs . Not low levels but plain retards ~

  4. And here’s the argument again.

    NEWB: new person of (usually) gaming society.

    NOOB: A brat of a gaming society whom usually thinks full of him/herself and boasts of things he/she doesn’t even have/know/etc. Or merely a nuisance to neighboring players.

  5. Don’t mind my brother, he’s kind of annoying. n00bz seem to be everywhere in MapleStory. So quitting wasn’t hard.

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