Would you like that with fries?

Hiatus in fanfiction because my brain sploded from lack of social life.

Yesterday, I FLYFFED FOR HOURS. OMAIGAWD. I somehow got to level 63… and got ambushed by a freak spawn of aggro trees.

“I think that I shall never see / A poem as lovely as a tree.”

D:< O rly? I beg to differ.

The same spawn killed me NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE.

So I de-leveled back to 62 at 98%, and then a wonderful guildmate got me back the 2% so now I’m 63 again!

WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE SUBJECT OF GUILDS. I finally found a guild that guildwars practically all the time! It’s called HEROES in all caps (which IS, contrary to what anyone else says, cruise control for cool). And I’m a captain ’cause I’m awesome! So I recruited someone.

AND THAT BRINGS ME TO THE SUBJECT OF MY STUPIDITY. I was shouting for recruitments absentmindedly and I got a message.

“i’m a level 79 blade”

My reply as a dimwitted Ringmaster?

are you looking for a partner?”

When I closed the window so I could browse shops more easily, it clicked in my mind that he meant he was interested in joining the guild.

Exalted bovine, am I pea-brained.

But I’d already closed the window and I didn’t remember his IGN. And he never messaged me again.

I think I might have made up for it by recruiting a level 80 Ringmaster, who turned out to be an ex-member of Intensiti, the most popular guild in the game. He claimed its members were snobby.

I’m still beating myself up for being a muttonhead to that Blade though.

Oh, I remembered to take screenshots of lots of stuff this time, but someone else is using that computer so I’ll post those some other time. I believe something funny happened that I screenshotted, but, true to my moniker as the dimwitted Ringmaster, I don’t remember what it was.

That epitomizes the extent of my life accomplishments. kbaiii~!

Edit: Oh and the title’s irrelevant.

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  1. ShiningWings said: “Haha.

    I don’t like mutton though. :/”

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever had it, Is it just any lamb, or does it have to be prepared a special way? No matter. If you don’t like it, all the more fitting a noun for the situation. O_O

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