Good place to level

LVL 50 Fighter xaZnrift3r
GMS Scania

From the moment I reached level 38, I was confident and found a good place to level. With some decent items, I headed for Ludi’s toy factory, which was full of low HP and decent EXP monsters. The first level of the place consisted of teddies, which I began training on for about an hour, but felt I could take on stronger monsters. Further in I encountered pandas, which also gave decent amount of hp, but they died in 1-2 hits. I began exploring and I discovred a blue box with a yellow star on it. Curiosity made me break the box open, warping me to the secret factory. There I found my perfect training monster, the Trojan horse. I could kill them in 3 – 6 slash blasts and each box created 10 of them. There was the perfect monster, which I recommend, to level from 35- 50. 920 EXP Per Box!

3 thoughts on “Good place to level”

  1. Yeah that’s an awesome quest

    Me and my SuperNoob buddy (who was only 4x at the time) trained there sometimes

    you only lose 1% for dying there too

  2. It works for like, anyone. Cause you have these nice stacking boxes that you can jump on, and even if you slash blast they wont hit you. Then again, you can just go down,

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