Ludi Maze Party Quest

Lvl 65 w00t! Also hi Mip.
Ludi Maze PQ. (Btw, this is MS). Not Ludi PQ (lvl 35-50) but Ludi MAZE PQ (51-70). Obviously, there’s a difference. Anyways, onto the topic!!!

Crud, you guys made me forget what I was gonna say…oh wait, I remember now! It all started at Straw Target Dummies…

“Yes!!!” my character shouted out as he noticed his exp percentage hit 90, which was good for a level 64 dit like me, “Only 10% more to go!”
Another bandit cced over to my channel and noticed me. He told me, “Hey, don’t train here. This isn’t good enough for you. Not good exp for ya.”
I replied, “Well, it’s good money!”
He smirked, “If you really want money, go ludi maze PQ. You’ll get boatloads of money!”
Obediently following his advice, I went back to the Mu Lung Temple and paid Hak 1,500 mesos to get to Herb Town, so I could pay 10,000 mesos to get to Aqua Road. From there, I paid (yet again) the Dolphin there 1k to get to the Sharp Unknown. I climbed up the well, and emerged in Korean Folk Town. I stayed there a bit to finish the Goblin quest which I had been too lazy to do. Killing the monsters easily and taking their drops, I chose the Goblin Cap, only to find it was a level 65 item! what!!! Anyways, I used my dark sight and haste to sprint to the Helios Tower Elevator. I quickly rode up it to the 99th floor, where I again activated my dark sight and haste to get to Ludibrium. I logged out, because I had to go.

The Next day:
Logging in, I was hit with a load of “J>PQ@@@@@@@@@@@@@@” and “J>LMPQ@@@EXPED@@@@@@@@” It was pure chaos and drove me insane. Somehow, I managed to survive the onslaught and got into a party. We got in once, then missed 8x in a row. I quit it and went back to ch 1 to try another party. 14 minutes later, I got into another party. We constantly got in and out and in and out for around 6 times, when we started to lose our edge. Our leader quit the party, destroying it. Sighing, I again traveled back to Broa’s first channel to try to get into the LMPQ.
The Third Time
This one deserves a special title because it was the last LMPQ I’ve done so far. Here we go!
‘You have received party invite from Th3G4me. O—–X’
Happily I pressed the O and was accepted into the party. I looked at the party list, and gasped. 5 people, with the leader as a cleric and with a spearman (though he quit in 2 pqs cause he had to do something)! And there was an i/l wizard too with a hunter and another bandit! What a great party! Anyways, the leader said “CC *insert channel that I forgot here*!”
Following his instructions, I saw his party. Quickly hasting them, I was about to ask the leader what the track was when a burst of black light overcame me. We had made it in.

Rooms 6 and 7, those were the taurospear rooms. Each room had 3 boxes. There was always one that contained 3 flyeyes and 3 tauros. Each tauro had a chance of dropping 50 tickets, and tickets=exp!!! Also, there was a 90% chance of them dropping mana elixirs (w00t, no more mana potting!). It was great. We finished each room in around a minute, and got to the exit in 20 seconds. It was great. We met a bit of opposition here and there, but it was nice. After a while of this, I leveled to 65! Hurray! Anyways, I had to go though. But it was nice.

Anyways here are some tips:
Only do rooms 6 and 7. Most LMPQs go rush, so only do those then go to exit.
Every time you get out (and you’re not leader) go npc at the pet merch or coco. Pet merch=left. Coco=far right next to helios tower entrance. Even if you’re not finished and leader clicks, you don’t get left behind!
Left portal=room#+4
Right portal=Room#-3
Middle portal=Room#+7 or Room#-8.
Room 9’s middle portal leads to room 16, exit. Can’t get it from anywhere else.
To get to exit fast from 7, go use the middle portal to 14, then 6, then 13, then 5 (4 times). Then go use left portal because room5+4=room 9. Then use middle portal for exit. From room 6, use the middle portal 2 times instead.
Getting somebody with haste=good so party leader can get to the LMPQ npc at top of ludi tower faster (use bottom right door at ludi tower. bottom left leads into teddies, clocktower, etc).
And it won’t be so crowded right now cause Glitch Orbis Party Quest is back…I dunno what it does, but it draws away people from LMPQ!

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  1. All this time, hearing all these news about Ludi Maze Thing. Not once did I see any screen shots of it.


  2. anyuan753 said: “yup
    long time for me until i get into lmpq
    only 28 levels more to go


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