It’s been a while! But…

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww, I haven’t posted since January 31st?

Well, I’ve been lurking. :B

All my characters have leved uber-much! I got my stupid mage past level 44, and now he’s almost level 49, which is, to me, pretty ridiculously unbelievable because I am really bad at leveling. And my shared character Eirii is 49. And my RM managed to level somehow, to 68, even though it takes me an hour to find a partner and I never get that much time to play FlyFF.

… Have I really not posted in over two months? o.O It feels like such a short time ago, I was image-dumping FlyFF screenies.

I do remember being excited about seeing someone else posting under FlyFF though, here on MMOT!

In case anyone cares, I did satisfactorily on the SAT’s. It’s one of those “goshdarnit I was hoping for just 20 more points!” sort of things. In this case, it was the math section I wanted 20 more points on. That means just ONE MORE QUESTION RIGHT.

Oh, and I helped a friend on her English homework. A lot. So now she’s getting me Cash Shop stuff! Pretty soon my RM will be strutting around looking fancy in CS fashion items. And I’ll probably have a PET TOO. HOT DAWWWGGG.

My mage won’t get anything. He’s lame.

Ummm… Should I image-dump again? I really should be writing an essay on what the United States has learned from the Vietnam War.

Nah. You guys are lucky I don’t feel like image dumping. <3 Yet.

4 thoughts on “It’s been a while! But…”

  1. It’s a BIG TEST ALRIGHT. It’s probably the biggest test I’ll ever have to take, other than the BAR if I go lawyer or the MCAT (is that what it’s called?) if I go doctor, or the whatever other tests I have to take for whatever degrees. (You can tell I’m really familiar with these career things. XD)

  2. lol funny names regardless of waht job you take

    For me, it’s called “The Exam”


  3. Here, people who make big tests really like shoving three or four capital letters together to name the buggers.

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