Walls Made of Wind?!

(They’ll have paper walls next…)

I’d like to direct your attention to the screenshot at left.

If you’re a Rakion player, you’ll immediately recognize what’s wrong in that picture. If you aren’t, but you tend to assume a lot, and have somewhat of an intuition on top of that, maybe you can guess.

Otherwise… here’s a hint. Mages in Rakion have a whirlwind attack, which repels enemy players away but has a long delay, which makes it useless except for knocking someone off an edge or something. It looks like this (bad angle, but you should get the idea).

Now do you get it?

Yes. Wind hax. That mage in the background – Chronosan<3 – made a wall of wind-swirly-thingies that wouldn’t go away D: you can imagine how annoying that is. Our team couldn’t get through to kill their players, and they could just hide behind it and range us. The worst part is, the winds remained on the map after the mage got kicked, and didn’t even go away during the next round. They were PART OF THE MAP.

Eventually, I exited and reentered (giving up my chaos… rawr) which got rid of the winds on my screen. The rest of my team still saw them, and most people aren’t as willing to reenter the room as I am, because of EXP loss.

But yeah… that was interesting.

Oh yeah. Once, in a 1v1 stayup game, we were fooling around while waiting for these other two peoples’ fight to be over (don’t ask me why we didn’t just fight each other; I forgot ) and this resulted.
More pics.

Yes. And then, forgetting that there were people on the opposing team in that stack, I charged up a special and released it, just for kicks. I ended up hitting the dude above me and collapsing the stack. Lol… phail.

Random stuff~
Fear me.
0 kills and I still got Good Player? Wut
‘course, Excellents are no big deal. If the average Rakionist with an 11+ char took a screenshot every time they got Excellent Player, they’d run out of disk space within a month. I just happen to suck so much that it’s rare I get one of those.
The first one wasn’t even really legitimately won. The person that was ahead of me just happened to leave, and there were others that could’ve beat me but joined late. Heh.

Btw; the reason why my screenshots are so big is because I messed with the .ini file to change the game resolution. I have a 1280×800 screen, so naturally the game looks sharpest at 1280×800. At the default 800×600, not only is it fuzzy, but stretched as well. So yeah, any screens that I take are also 1280×800 x_X

I’d resize them, but I’m too lazy.

Now to MapleStory.
This actually happened a while ago (on the 11th), and some of you might remember this.
Hate in pink.
I think over half the channels were down at one point.
And then the GM announced the event, and something like 50 smegas resulted from angry Khainians wanting their channels back instead of some petty event.
(That amounts to about $65 in revenue for Nexon, just by typing a couple of sentences. If I could make money like that, I’d do it all day!)

Caking with B0WJOB.
Rather, stalking him while he was caking

Hanging out with my guildie… during 2x experience and drop.
Neither of us are into training, so we just fooled around hehe. I died twice though. And I was at 98% before x_X looks like I won’t be level 61 anytime soon.

And one day when Rakion was having stupid server maintenance and I didn’t feel like playing MS, I decided I’d join GunZ.
So I have a third barrage of screenshots for you guys

I’m so awesome, check out my score.

LOL… what happened was, I spawned on that block thing between the two bottomless pits, where the armor thing spawns, and I jumped off the wall as usual. But yeah… I missed…
And then I spawned in the same place again, and fell AGAIN.
Everyone, you can officially call me a noob

Reve, you’ll like this

Only time I’ve ever been first in a game so far. And still more deaths than kills
Oh well, I’d expect as much. Can’t Survive Syndrome in Rakion transfers over, I guess. And I have a pretty serious case of CSS.

Butterflying (I looked up the steps ) reminds me of something else I suck at, and that’s gliding. In Rakion. W, W, right click: as a ninja, this makes you go invincible and dash a short distance forward.

I love gliding. In fact, it’s the only reason I can win games on my ninja, and I’m so dependent on it that when I turn chaos, I often die because you can’t glide in chaos.

Fat blacksmith wants to smash me to bits? Glide through his hammer. Chaos archer racking up kills for the other team? Glide circles around her until her little chaos timer runs out. She can’t touch me.

Gliding is easily the cheapest move in Rakion. So cheap, it’s often prohibited in boss games because good gliders can basically survive for an indefinite amount of time.

Unfortunately… I suck at spamming glide. I always get the timing wrong and right click before the second W, and end up tapping special attack instead of gliding. That’s had fatal consequences for me more than once. And since I’m an attackspeed ninja, and have 0 movespeed, regular running is slow as heck. So I basically have to glide just to move at all. (Nevermind the fact that with no points in movespeed, ninjas are still significantly faster than any other char. I’m used to having 50 movespeed on my archer, so default ninja speed feels slow.)

I’ve even imprisoned myself in Stage 1 to do nothing but glide around the room until the 10 minute limit is up. No dice: I still miss glides. Frequently.

W, W, click… W, W, click… W, W, click…

Sometimes though, when I’m lucky I can do it perfectly. That’s when I shine.

Glide abuse ftw

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  1. Seems like someone let out their methane which results the “wind barrier”

  2. I wonder why he didn’t name them ShiningWings . . .

    Say, that reminds me. I’m finished. I should post my new hit series up.

  3. Ah lol. That hack. I remember it when i used to play =D. Really annoying.

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