Time Paradox!! Dun-dun-dun-DUUUNNN~

To possibly any of you reading this.

My name is Zhlink Sleyin.

I am a survivor living in SEA.

I am broadcasting this message through all live frequencies on the radio.

I can provide food, shelter, protectio-


“Snake? Snake?! Respond! Snake? SNAKE!!!”

Dun dun dun dun~~

“What have you done?!?! You’ve created a Time Parad-“


“We have a Black Hawk down, we have a-“


“I’ll be bac-“


Zhlink here!

Heed no attention to the picture at the front, it is merely jus telling you about how I feel in school.

Well, I thought that there would be a SoldierFront game option here, cuz Gunz is also the same as Sf, being Ijji games and all. . .

Lets talk about MMO Stuff first, shalt we?

EmEmOh Starfs~ <– Looks like EmEmo Stuffs, dosen’t it?

Firstly, back at school, I found this new game hitting my class by storm.


Basically, Wolfteam is a game sorta like counter-strike or SF, but here’s the deal. There’s a button where you can press to transform into a werewolf form.

*Rolls eye at Fenny, and cocks Remmington shotgun*

Yea, so it’s created by Softnyx, the company that brought you Rakion and Gunbound. It’s a real strategy filled game, and the graphics are sorta nice too. Too bad my computer was too laggy for it all to support. I should upgrade sooner or later.

So basically, as a Human, you can use all of your rifles, pistols, shotguns, etc etc etc to pump as much lead into your opponents, and if possible, ventilate them.

To quote a friend. . .

A friend said: ” That guy just lost his head, literally!”

The Same Friend said: “He got ventilated!”

And the graphics are quite cool as well. You can see the blood in fine detail, and you can mutilate the people’s corpes as well. And if that wasn’t good for all those fans of blood and gore, these attacks will stack as combos and give you additional bonuses if you manage to kill, or destroy something~


So, here’s a map of one of the popular area, the Covolt Bridge.

Then, here’s me with my best rifle, the M16!

Oh, how I love army rifles.

But what I love most ish this.


But, I can also settle for this.

*More drooling*

Speaking of which, that gun reminds me of Soldier Front. For those who don’t know, Soldier Front is sorta like Gunz, except it does very unnatural things. I mean, c’mon! It’s so unrealistic! I can Wall Run or Wall Cancel anytime, but crouching, that’s a whole different story.

So anyways, I remember there was this one match which was quite funny.

It was 2 vs 3 in Shanghai. Me, being in the red team, could either eliminate all the emeny, or sneak our way to the submarine to win. I actually wanted to flank the emenies by moving to the right, but they came to the left and killed my teammate camping behind a wooden crate.

*Scribbles down in notebook: Crates are bad hiding spots.*

To make sure I was safe, I threw a flashbang backwards before continue running. Then I’d noticed something.

I was very far away from the enemy, and the submarine was within my sight.

Teamate: Run!

So I made a blind dash towards the sub. Now, this was where I screwed up. The only thing connecting the submairne to the port was a single plank of wood. I was rushing halfway up the plank when my mouse backstabbed me.

It suddenly SHIFTED.

So, I slept with the fishes.

And everyone was like:

And we all had a good laugh over it.

Ah, good times, good times.

*Stips coffe-*


Non MMO Stuffies!

Right, so recently, about 2 months ago, there was a new comic store set up near my friend’s school. So, I mousied down and checked it out.

It was an Otaku’s paradise.

Comics everywhere!

By the end of 1 month…

I had bought Tsukihime, book 1 to 5, MeltyBlood, book 1, Fate/Stay Night, book 1 to 3, Ballad of a Shinigami, Book 1 and 2 and the Light Novel, and Nagasarete Airantô, book 1 to 3.

So total, it was about. . .



Wow, I didn’t notice I’d spent so much.

Oh wait, if we count the membership subscription. . .



I coulda bought that drawing tablet for sale!


[Meanwhile, thousands of miles away.]

Chitose: Ship number 6, fire!

[Back to Zhlink. . .]

Zhlink: Wait, whazza-?

There goes Zhlink’s ship.

*Static Static*


Recently, I had discovered some doujin games, which are basically fan-made games for fun, not profit. And man, they’re fun.

1st example: Haruhi Suzumiya no Gekitou!
It’s basically a 3d Fighting game made from the famous light novel-originated-anime: The Melanchily of Haruhi Suzumiya.

2nd example: Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha 2nd! It’s a STG game, sorta like space invaders, except it’s more graphical, and pretty, and has better sound.

Of course, none of these STGs can compare to these 4 games.

Perfect Chetty Blossom, Impreishable Night (I was unable to get any pictures for this, please excuse me.), Mountain of Faith, and Shoot the Bullet.

Yea, they were hard.

Want to know more?

I got my games from my friend, but you can find out more here, if it interests you.

And finally, I hath gots this game!


Ah yes, it is so much fun to play with. It’s for the PS2, but I’m sure after a couple O months, the PC version will be out. Then, I’ll get it again!

Muahahaha, I’m such an ebil prick! I take pride in being an ebil prick!



And finally, I leave ya’ll with this picture my friend requested me to draw.

Pikture ish here~

And with that, this is Zhlink signing off, and wishing ya’ll,

Happy Chinese New Year!


P.S: I finally have a smexy Class Shirt with Zhlink on it! Anyone feel free to say hi or something if you see me on the streets with it! Somehow, if you manage to. *Sneak sneak*


21 thoughts on “Time Paradox!! Dun-dun-dun-DUUUNNN~”

  1. I STILL don’t know what is the name of nitroglycerin Lucky Star is.

    Wha? Shotgun? That’s it? Where’s the heavy artillery?

  2. Oh no, there’re also Grenade Launchers, RPGs, and other stuffs that make big booms.
    J.Z want big boom.

  3. Okay, so things are kinda different where you’re at. Noone really does MMORPGs, so stuff goes like this:

    Kid1: Hey, did you get Halo 3 yet?!
    Kid2: I got Halo 3! I got over 9000 achievement points already!
    Teacher (ironically named Mr. Gear): Gears of War, Gears of War, Gears of War!
    Me: Anyone excited for SSBB on the Wii?!
    Newb: I got a Wii! I play Wii Sports!

    ‘Tis America and the only people that have the Wii are generally younger, people I don’t know, or newbs.

    Meh, scratch that. A couple of my friends have Wiis, and my one friend that just has a 360 used to play SSB games, so he’s not bad. I dunno if I should invite anyone the day it comes out… I might never see the light of day after March 9th. Sorry if you guys never hear from me after then. :O

  4. @MasterCheeze: Oh,really? Educational. *rubs chin*
    @Dest1: I uninstalled it. Was kinda laggy for me.
    @Eona: Oh really? I’ll be sure to receive it. Btw, that picture was modelled over you.
    Beh heh heh heh.
    I have no idea why your face poped up when i thought of how to draw that picture for my friend.

  5. I play WolfTeam. And I refuse to play anything but on blue, and battle zone ALWAYS DC’s me.

    And the guns? Psh. LR only. I’m always creeping around as a big fuzzy lumpkin. <3

    But the wall running while in wolf form gets a little unorthodox. My mouse (laptop mouse) sometime jumps, so I ran into a wall, ran up it, and got shot in the head before I could jump off. DDD:

  6. OMG.



    (Woah, I would read all of those comics online, even though I’m pretty hardcore too, $121? That’s insane, )

    I have wolfteam, but my computer lags too much =.=

    I mean. I owned a lot of people on my first day. When I was in a LAN center. ‘Cause it doesn’t lag.
    BUT THEN ON MY HOME COMPUTER. I get owned because there was so much lag. Maan.

  7. OMG I’m getting jealous, lol, you even have the Lucky Star one!

    -must. resist. temptation. to. steal.-

  8. Hahaha, the things I do to be an otaku.

    And Btw,The Perplexity of Haruhi Suzumiya and The Promise of Haruhi Suzumiya is STILL not out yet. What I’m playing now is just a fan-based game. So it’s not the official game.
    If you want the game, you can visit the link (doujinstyle.com) above, click on doujin, fighting, and look for it in the S section.

  9. Sheez,I’m having my O levels this year. Now, I can only go online for about half an hour?
    Not much time to catch up, considering that I’d check out MMOTales, MoonlightBayRP, Paper Hell RP, manga volume, and other game websites.
    Gimme a break this year. Kick me outta the guild first.

  10. Dood, Jz, she means just login for a sec so that your class and lvl wouldn’t be left as ?.

    The submarine bit was funny. Reminds me of

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