Dismembered – Poem

Decided to abandon all form on this one. I think it’s fairly obvious what this is about.


Just as the pin
pops the balloon,
as the drop of acid
corrodes the nail,
as the breath of wind
scatters leaves from the tree,
a mouse click can unravel too.

A click that dissolves the bonds
of trust, dispersing its remnants
thinly, reduced to headless chickens.

A click that crumbles all organization, like
coupled steel towers pierced by passenger jets
the foundations giving way, unable to hold them up.

An assault on an intangible creation by a soul for another.
A click. A thousand clicks spanning eight worlds and nineteen.

A powerful attack on the glue that holds a spiderweb together.

But futile on the spiders themselves
and the secret protection that
they carry in their hearts
and minds, never to be
dissolved like leaves:
a friend.

Accuracy will be back, bishes. Just you watch.

(…oh and read the new chapter of Leaves. OR ELSE. -brandishes mighty chaos spear of doom-)

3 thoughts on “Dismembered – Poem”

  1. Dang those hackers .

    Don’t worry , at the rate you’re going I’m sure Accuracy will be back

  2. Dang, I heard about the guild hack thingy from my friend. Why do people do this? =(

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