All this and….

After quitting for a hella long time I’ve decided to come back to Maple =P

Job suggestions? Exclude Fighter and Sin from your choices.

Is Maple the same game?

If it isn’t what has happended, Last time I checked Maple Items were dropping still.

58% done the download ^^

Oh and which server should I go on?

So many questions so little time….=P

One thought on “All this and….”

  1. First off, CONGRATS that you’re coming back to maple! n_n Bad thing is that there’s been a lot of hacking going around like the guild hack (I don’t know what it is, only heard of it), duping (I don’t know about that either), and several others I haven’t figured out yet since I just got back from a Shakespeare festivel. XD

    Let’s look at the positive side of things now! ok, well I would say. . .a good job class would be a cleric to make some money. training is somewhat unentertaining and monotonous but it’s worth it for the money!

    2nd job would be an archer because they have cool outfits and are quite strong at higher lvls in my opinion. I can’t be entirely sure on my opinion though since my hunter is only lvl 36. XD but archers are cool and cute! c:

    About server choices. . . I can’t really say because all of them have their positives and negatives. x] I currently play in Bera and it’s pretty fine in my opinion since I don’t really go into crowded areas and socialize much. If you decide to play in bera, maybe we can try hanging out or something! XD Kradia is kind of an empty server so it’s a good choice if you like isolation. :3 Mardia is a nice server too when I still played there, but I’m not sure how it is now. Dx

    I don’t know the time you quit maple, but a new pq called “Monster Carnival” PQ came out and it’s a great way of getting exp. I’ve been training my archer with that pq. XD

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