Life in Mabinogi- Chapter 1

The room was blank white and the young lad that had reddish hair wandered the room. He looked up and saw birds fly by over head. He took a deep breath and shouted, “Where am I?!” His voice echoed through the blank horizon. The last thing he remembered was going to bed last night, and he woke up here. He turned around and saw a figure standing in the center of the platform. She had whitish hair and wore a black colored dress. Her blue ocean eyes matched the look of innocence on her face. The young boy could only say one thing, “Who are you, miss?”

“You may call me Nao,” she replied, holding out a hand. The boy took it in his own hand and shook it. “What is your name?”
“My name is Prometheus, miss,” the boy replied.
“Nice to meet you,” Nao said. “Welcome to the world of Mabinogi.”
“Mabinogi. . .?” Prometheus had a losted look on his face.
“The world you are in is called that, I am one of it’s many dwellers. Mabinogi used to be filled with very little humans but plenty of Elves and Giants. But until recently, more humans have been appearing in Mabinogi and I decided to help them settle in to their new surroundings.”
“But couldn’t you send them home?” Nao shook her head.
“That is beyond my powers.”

Prometheus had tears in his eyes as he thought that he would never be able to see his family and friends ever again. He rubbed the tears away furiously and looked up at Nao.

“Where do I go now?” he asked.
“I’ll send you to Elemental Forest, just on the hills of Tir Chonaill. Please say hello to Tin and Chief Duncan for me.” Orbs of light started to surround Prometheus as he slowly disappeared.

Prometheus opened his eyes and found himself staring at the sky. He quickly sat up straight and looked at his surroundings. In a small distance he saw someone wearing a helmet, and the figure looked the same age as himself. Prometheus stood up and slowly approached the figure.

“Um, excuse me?” Prometheus asked the person. No response. “Can you tell me where we are?” Again, no response. Prometheus listened quietly and heard some snoring, coming from the person standing in front of him. Prometheus picked up a sturdy stick and bashed it against the person’s helmet. The kid lifted both of his hands up and held the sides of his helmet.

“What the hell was that for?!” the kid shouted. Yep, Prometheus thought, definitly a guy.
“Sorry but you were asleep and-“
“Of course I was asleep! Didn’t you hear my snoring?”
“I did but-“
“Then why the bloody hell did you do that for?”
“I just wanted to wake you up!” Prometheus shouted, being tired of getting interrupted.
“Well then why didn’t you say so? So what, did you got rebirthed or something?” the boy asked.
“What?” Prometheus asked.
“Seems like this is your first time here then,” the boy said. “My name is Tin. I’m here to help people start on the right foot.”
“How can you help me start on the right foot?”
“Well first of all, I’ll give you a weapon.” Prometheus took a step back.
“Weapons?! I don’t know how to use a gun!”
“Guns? Ha! Here around Erinn, we use swords,” Tin said, handing a sword into Prometheus’ hand. “Her name is Eiry.”
“Who?” Just then the sword glew bright and a small figure was formed from the light. The figure looked liked a fairy.

“This is Eiry,” Tin introduced. “Eiry, this is your new master, his name is-” Tin’s head shot up. “Hey what”s your name kid?”
“Kid? You don’t look an inch older than I do,” Prometheus snapped. “My name is Prometheus, Eiry.”
“Nice to meet you master and I hope to be of some service,” she said before disappearing back into the sword.
“So where do I go now Tin?” Prometheus asked.
“Well you can slay the Racoons here to practice your swordsmanship, or you can go down the trail over there to get yourself into Tir Chonaill,” Tin explained.” Be warned though, once you’re in Tir Chonaill, you can never come back here.”
“Like I would want to come back here,” Prometheus mumbled.

Prometheus walked towards the path to Tir Chonaill and the beginning of his new life.

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