Accuracy visits Prendergast Mansion.

(…plus an unrelated poem.)

Alright, ladies and germs. Here’s a little blurb from GMSKhaini Broadcasting Station:

On the night of Friday, March 28, 2008, Hyperfell of Khaini organized a guild raid of Prendergast Mansion. Several members of Accuracy reportedly invaded the upside-down versions of Sophilia’s Bedroom and the Vanity Room (both very popular training locations throughout GMS), spamming strange phrases (and more ) at those training inside. Some people maintain that they even reenacted Leeroy Jenkins, as well as posing as “Voodoo Busters”. Also, several of the victims claimed they were on 2x EXP. The raid lasted over 2 hours, and the participants managed to visit both rooms in all 19 channels of Khaini.

Video footage coming soon.

Anyways. This poem dedicated to my guild leader, MarlneShad0z, because he refuses to expand Accuracy and instead wastes money blowing up Casa Crows. Rofl.

One in Thirteen Hundred

When paper touched steel, a spirit came to life
Appeared in a land of chance and strife
Once born, the spirit then received a task
To reach the end of long stone hall, and ask
Whether this equipment should improve
Or if the gods of fortune disapprove?
But in said hall, thirteen hundred men
Stood to guard the treasure and defend.

Past twelve hundred ninety-nine it dashed
Avoiding sword attacks, unabashed.
Then the thirteen hundredth soldier struck
Preying on the scroll’s dwindling luck
The sky fell in drops of burning light
Killing the moment of anxious fright
And when the spirit died, the item died too
In a shower of sparks in every hue.

An uncounted number of spirits each day
Attempt their journey through this passageway
But of these, the preponderance will fail
To arrive at the end of the trying trail
Only one in thirteen hundred tries succeed
In pulling off this daunting, difficult deed
But if seven energy transfers pass
Its power and legend none would surpass.

2 thoughts on “Accuracy visits Prendergast Mansion.”

  1. Blowing up the same equip over and over. <3
    Spent ~250m so far blowing up Dragon’s Tails so far.

  2. Oh, the irony. The painful, painful irony.

    Hours after typing up this blog, Accuracy dies.

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