Looking forward to Yellonde

I’ve been playing MapleStory for a while.

Started out in Bellocan, the newest server at the time, one night in December, 2006. My friend Portia told me about the game, and we started out playing together. I had a warrior called Panifrog. I knew next-to-nothing about the game, and never managed to level that poor warrior past 16. I didn’t know about warriors’ DEX distribution, and as a result, my warrior could never manage to hit the green mushrooms (not helped by the fact that Portia was playing a to-be-assassin, and hitting the mushrooms with ease).

I remember me and Portia running around somewhere near Perion one night, and we ran into a nice girl, who ended up inviting us to her guild. She gave me a panlid for my poor little warrior, too, and I think she gave Portia stars.

And then the Amoria hair quest was released.
Love my luck. (:

So, based off the boredom of my spearman (and her hair, no doubt) I decided to make a new character, Paniriot, with high hopes of being an assassin. Once again, never made it to second job. Didn’t even reach 16 this time. Paniriot, abandoned at level 14.

I think my friends got fed up with me complaining how I would never reach 21 and be able to KPQ (woe!), and they actually made me a level 21 sin, armed with tobis and… Stella.

Anyway, I quit for a while after that. Didn’t play again until I discovered that another close friend of mine played on Windia. I made a magician, Hitomariko (he helped me with the name. We just slung together a bunch of Japanese sounds until we had something that wasn’t taken), and she hit level 16, I think.

So by now I’m thinking “WHAT THE HELL THIS GAME SUCKS, ALL YOU DO IS KILL SLIMES, SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL MAN” and I ended up semi-quitting again. At any rate, I didn’t play for ages.

I ended up having some things happen with a boy, and wanting to forget about those things, ran back to Bellocan (actually, I probably would have played again regardless, but it just sounds so much more dramatic that way). Portia had started up an amazing little guild, Graffiti, which I became a member of. I played as a magician who actually made it to 21, and then 2nd job, an F/P wizard – Paniraptor. Also my first character with NX cash. Unfortunately, Paniraptor was stupid and didn’t read any guides whatsoever about magician builds, and ended up with magic guard waaay too low, and 11 STR. She sat around in my account for a while until her impending deletion.

Panisaurus was born after that, sticking to the wizard theme, she became an I/L wizard. Panisaurus was my first real character that actually got to a decent level. I don’t know how I stuck through it, though. Levels 31 to 35 were hell. I spent about a month at teddies in Ludibrium for the 5 measly levels just so I could do my precious Ludi PQ. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I met so many new people in LPQ, and just had a great time. In fact, one friend I met through LPQ introduced me to a friend of his, who is now one of my best friends. He married Panisaurus on his DK, both of which were quit shortly after.

Around this time, something went buggy in Nexon HQ, and a small rollback happened. CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS. Panisaurus was bugged, and was unable to log on for a while, and was eventually rolled back a whopping 2 levels. Also around this time, Graffiti wanted to start doing guild quests, bad. Not being the strongest guild, a chief bandit was almost required to complete the quest and kill Ergoth. I think 4 of us started making bandits, hopefully at least one would become Graffiti’s official Ergoth-exploding chief bandit.

Panisaurus was pretty much abandoned at the creation of missPani. My bandit was level 28 at the time of the rollback. Around this time, I was dreading levels 31 to 35 again. However, in compensation for the rollback, my account received a free 24 hour 2x card, which lasted for about a week. Rolled in with the daily 8 hour 2x exp/drop events, missPani raced to 35 easily, in a couple of days.

From 35 – 50 was the best time I ever had playing any character on MapleStory. LPQ is by far, my favourite PQ. Although my bandit was weak at the start, by late 4x she could practically solo Alishar. This was around December 2007, a year after I’d originally started playing. Christmas just made this time so much more fun, with the Happyville and tree-decorating and snowman boss. That was the most fun I’ve ever had playing MapleStory.

The story gets pretty boring after that. missPani OPQs to level 70, and becomes a chief bandit, and puts her first point on meso explosion. Tries to explode Ergoth without meso guard, fails miserably. Tries to explode gobies without meso guard, fails miserably. Tries to explode wolf spiders without meso guard, fails miserably. Tries to explode a ****ing snail without meso guard, fails miserably. Well, not the last one. Maybe.

missPani went pretty much inactive at 72. A new swordman was created, Graaaaah (GOTTA LOVE MY NAMES, RITE?), in hopes of becoming a DK. For some reason, I’ve always wanted a DK. Graaaaah is currently at level 26, once again, inactive from training.

In hopes to get back on track, Gach tickets were bought, and a 4 attack pink adventurer cape was acquired. Said cape was sold for around 120mil, zhelm was bought, gobies and himes were exploded, equips were bought, money was gone. missPani hit 75 and then officially retired from training.

Most of missPani’s equips have been sold via MTS now, for NX cash for the new server. I’ve raised 30k so far, with a few things still left to sell. Someone told me that if I left any equips on my character, I’d come back eventually, so I sold my useful ones. I no longer have a dagger or shield, so I’d have a good time coming back and training without those. My black snowshoes were borrowed by a friend (need to get those back and sell them…), my borrowed workgloves were returned, and my own 2 attack cape is currently missing, which is pissing me off, because I could sell that for a fair bit.

Since then, I’ve been playing on a private server a little bit, but I got bored of that pretty fast. My account got into the 3rd term of Tespia, so I’ll be testing that for the next two weeks, and if I’m really lucky, the new server will be released in that patch.

tl;dr? I played MapleStory, I stopped, now I’m coming back.

4 thoughts on “Looking forward to Yellonde”

  1. Welcome to MMOTales

    I really like the way you type . Interesting history you have .

    And yes , you do have interesting names

  2. Nice history you wrote there!
    Seems like you’ve had quite an interesting MS life!

    Oh yeah, welcome! . . .And welcome once again!
    Yay, I win!

  3. Lmao, your introductory sentances were attractive. However, wassit really that bad from 31 ~ 35? I easily finished that levels.

    Anyway, Welcome to MMOTales.

  4. Noes, stay in bellocan! Join meh 69 pagey. Welcome to MMOTales by the way. And I know what you mean, I always train a guy to level 32 and then I quit him. Then my bros page got hacked and I got it back for him.

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