My journey into the Dekane.

Hahaha! My second time in the dekane mines and was so exited! I was level 60 and my friend really wanted to go in that metal door she went in there then invited me to come along and she said she would get her blade to come sneaker the keakoons. Okay so then I got in the door and found my self at the roaches but then out of nowhere 2 roches killed my friend and I was all alone.. one roach spotted me and I ran for the door but it was guarded by millions of level 85 and there was no other way out.. I had one choice. I ran twords the keakoons heading for that door! Almost there and monsters were gone.. I took a breathe and slowly walked out of the dekane almost out of breathe.

And so that was my journey into the mysterious dekane mine.. but one more thing. I saw a box in there and I really do wonder what is in there. Something rare and valueble? Maybe I will return there one day.. and find whats inside that box!

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  1. Lol, I’m at noob at FlyFF. lvl 36 bow acro ftw! Why didn’t you fly? What class are you? Can you make longer blogs?



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