Guilds, etc.

I’ve been trying to find a good guild for my Mardian character since around the time I started her. So far I have found three guilds listed on Basil or Sleepywood that have no level requirements.

Unfortunately, I can’t really seem to get up with anyone. The first I found on Basil. I PMed the girl as she wasn’t online at the time. She must not check her Basil mail often as she hasn’t even read it yet and it’s been over two weeks. I could never seem to find her online, and once I have found her online, the listing on Basil is off since the listings aren’t up very long. I could still whisper her and see if I could still join, but I’m a chicken and hate whispering people in the first place.

The other guild I found on Sleepywood… I posted a reply to the thread, no reply back yet. Tried to find the two guys online, and I haven’t found either of them on at all.

Saw another guild on Basil… Decided I might try that one if I couldn’t get ahold of the guys from SW. This time there are four people I could contact. I have seen one on during the times I’m on, but I think he’s AFK because he’s in a random room where there are no monsters. Not to mention he’s not the one who posted the listing, and I’d prefer to get the guy who did post it so he’d know what I’m talking about

I’m just a chicken sometimes. I hate randomly contacting people. One of the reasons I hardly make new friends o.o; On that note, anyone in Mardia wanna buddy a level 29 cleric-to-be named Rozune? ; And anyone know of any good Mardia guilds with no level requirements, or a low-level requirement (like 20+ or even 30+ since I should be level 30 soon)?

Thanks for any help ^^

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  1. Join the guild MMOTales on SimpleMS!

    Nobody else is allowed.

    Smegaphone: “Would you like to join MMOTales? Well you can’t!”

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