And ye he bloggeth!

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Woah, so much has changed in so little time. @ O@

I feel so old and grandpa-ish
-waves walking stick at all youse younglings-

15 isn’t that old… is it? D:

ANYWAY, the show must go on O:


Maplestory. ‘Tis be a great game. Over the past year, many things have happened, so let’s start from the beginning. And so all was well in the realm of Damon. There were not many hackers, I was leveling around once every two weeks (which is a marvellous achievement of me and worthy of a Nobel prize O, me reaching my 3rd job, and finally finding a guild that I felt I wanted to stay in.
I had more money then which I believe I ever had. The sum was something like 5 million mesarz or something. I realised how small a sum this was when all my friends were like: “Omgah I spent 6mil on this pink adventurer cape which I have no use whatsoever for”.



Ahem. I had friends (wow), and OMGAH they seemed to like me, despite my bluntness, rudeness, awkward questions involving periods (“So does a period mean when you pee a baby every month o_o&quot, and my sleazy comments aimed at the 80% majority of girls on my BL. I think I even made sleazy comments at the boys on my BL o_o.

No one will hear their screams in my cupboard >: D

And then, as all good things come to an end, i’ll make a long story short.

All good things came to an end

My guild, (Which will remain secret but if you’re wondering, means “Friends” in japanese) was falling apart. The guild leader who always I thought was nice started to get his personal life too involved in maple, so that whenever I logged on I was greeted by “STOP DATING THAT HOAR DEBBIE” “AT LEAST DEBBIE ISN’T AS FLAT AS AN AIRPORT” “OMGOSH I HATE YOU MANDY BTCH I’M LEAVING GUILD FOREVEEEER” “CAN ANYONE LEND ME X TRILLION MESARZ”. It became depressing, furthermore enhanced with some idiots being allowed into the guild. I could no longer take being called a -BEEP-head because I didn’t participate in a ks war or something else ridiculous. I could no longer stand all the love-deprived guildies who were pixel fondling everyone. My avatar of immolation and absolute vengeance sprung out, and leapt onto the guild leader.

Me in guild chat talking to leader: YOU’RE A -beep-ING -beep-HEAD OF A -beep-ING -beep–beep- -beep-!
-leave guild-
Whispers to guild leader: WHO THE -beep- DO YOU -beep-ING -beep- -beep- YOU SHOULD BE SO -beep-ING -beep-…

And so on.

Fear ye not, I still had some alternatives. I had my wiggies, my punchbags, my pros-which-I-could-leech-off, my NX hoars (I believe one stayed a lvl 30 beginner for 7 months, and stayed on maple 24/7 to chat/btch to anyone in distance), and my two lovely bengali habibis (Hi livi Love you hagooface <3). Yet, after my long long break, everyone ditched me. Well, almost everyone. Anyone who was still active was either crushingly boing to talk to (“Hi Damon” -remains silent for the next X hours-), or from half-way across the world, where our playing times were out of whack.

My life fell apart, and I started taking drugs, slitting my wrists, and moaning “WHY ME”.

No really, I did. -gains attention from anyone who sympathises me-

And so, I turned to what much of my BL saw as the darkside:


Here, I could make pretty pixels which had much more choice of face and hair styles, and where there was much more diversity. I had bought Nightfall a year ago, and finally getting a computer able to withstand its awesomeness, I had created an elementalist (Mage), a paragon (Spear thrower), and a mesmer (Anti-mage). Better yet, once you have chosen a primary profession from the 8 (Depending on which GW you have), you can pick a SECOND profession, in which you can use its skills also.

Now if that isn’t fun, I don’t know what is. And anyway, the pixels are so pretty.

Almost to the point that I could be charged for pixel moIestation o 3o.

And thus ends a chapter in my cyber-life O:

Screenie 1: Oh noes, she brain-washed me into doing it D:
Screenie 2: My pretty twin
Screenie 3: OMgah itsh gandalf O:
Screenie 4: PH34R MY GOLDNESS D:<
Screenie 5: My party pwning Djinns (water spirit thingys)

Blessings upon thy epileptic visage,

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    Use an image-hosting site for those. At least they never fail. :X

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