ROFL. Hi guys!… I know, it’s been a while… >x<;
Anyway… right now I started a new school year, which means that I have to… ‘study full-time’. [not really, lazyness] So, I haven’t log on Maple Story either… I semi-quit. Euhm, two days ago my friend wrote on msn telling me ’bout ‘Guild Hacks’… I was like.. ‘waddafoock?’ Is that possible?, and so, she gave me a link of Basil and yaaah, I read what was happening. Immediately I logged on MS once again and ‘WOAH!’ I got SPAMMED. XD specially from my guidl… It was… MADNESS!!! /SPARTAN.KICKS.EVERYBODY!!. ROR!! >:B Okay then… It was really, really.. annoying.. and my friends were like ‘cool sdkfm skladfmasdhfusmcfp,X fpd @@@@@@@@@.WHERE WERE YOU NENNYCHAN!!!!???HAXORS!!!!!HAXSSSS!!!GUILD!!!pooh’. Yaaaah, like that. So, my guild was explaining me everything and we were trying to find some methods to avoid being hacked, also, I heard that MANY other guilds POOFED!. I can’t believe that… it makes me feel scared once again.. when I log on MS.. [actually…I’ve been scared all my LIFE since I play MS…] Well… it was.. too much confusion… and many things have changed. o_o;; After a couple of hrs. doing nothing I finally logged off. I did nothing.. just hear PANICKED PEOPLE. XD

In the other hand… I’m way too traumatized with Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy. <3
ROFL, I started to prepare.. for the first time.. my own BENTO and ish FUN. >:] But I have to wake up early in the morning.. tomorrow I MIGHT wake up at 5am just to start cooking some food for my Bento. Today, I finished reading ‘Edipo Rey’. It was… WEIRD and boring. D: Tomorrow I have a stoopid Chem. test… ick. Sorry for the late, really LATE blog.. I’ll try to keep playing some more… I hope. By the way, what was yer impression when you heard ’bout ‘Guild Hacks’??. [yah, I always end my blogs… with questions. I like answers/comments/opinions.]

P.S; The… ehrr, pic has nothing to do with my blog.. unless chuu like milk?. XD


4 thoughts on “Woah?.”

  1. MasterCheeze said: “Wut? You just started school?! Lmao, we’re almost done over here.”

    ROFL, yah. Different school time. O_O;

  2. Thanks! yeah when I heard about guild hacks I was like what O.O too. My guildmaster expelled everyone except herself to prevent the guild from being hacked

  3. ^^^^^Smart man/woman.

    I didn’t know about it till people started gettin’ kicked

    My guild =(
    I paid so much money


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