The 4th Platoon Prologue

‘Script kiddy Teal! Check if the godmode’s working!!’


‘Stop licking my ass, Teal.’




Teal would be the death of Klay. Those smart-ass responses were getting increasingly more annoying. But then again, she was quite a good Script Kiddy. Unpredictability was her middle name. And she was witty. Too witty…

Oh well, at least she has guts, unlike the other females, Klay thought, his metal boots clikcing on the soft soil of SleepyWood. It had few entrances, and it was a piece of cake for Rudder to set up a couple of barrier hacks to prevent the GMs from entering or spotting them. Just hope that they don’t notice the missing NPCs.

‘Godmode not working, sir!!!’ Teal’s voice rang around the SleepyWood town area. Klay looked up—–


The man had the wind knocked out of him; Teal was coming at him from above with her superjump. And crashed directly onto him.

‘You’re gonna get punished, man!!!’ He growled, pushing Teal off, brushing loose soil from his armor.

‘Sorry, had to jump out of those golems and teleport here,’ Teal explained hurriedly, helping Klay to wipe the remaining dirt from his silvery hair.

‘Golems?’ Klay exclaimed, turning to look at Teal for the first time since she crashed into him.

One broken arm, ripped pants, bleeding head, shoulder dislocation.

‘Ouch,’ Klay winced, wondering why he hadn’t noticed it before. Well, she asked for it, jumping into the golems like that, Klay told himself to wipe his guilt. She was a lvl 43, for chrissake.

Yeah… she has too much guts. It wasn’t the first time she jumped into a hoarde of monsters just to test out Rubber’s godmoding programs. Apparently, she loved being the guinea pig. A guinea pig with broken bones. Once, she jumped straight at the Thanatos and would have gotten herself killed if not for her reflexes, activating the Jesus hack at the last moment. And she was lvl 38 at the time… Gods, she had only 1 or 2 hp after that Thanatos hit her once… At least Teal was the only one with that much guts to test out the godmode hack in the 4th Platoon, which consisted of 13 hackers, 5 of which were useless idiots. Like that Cru. Whining all day. Only 4 were at least able to think rationally during battle. 3 of them were veteran hackers, which included Klay, their leader. The last one was Teal. Amazingly.Oh, and Rubber, the man behind all our hacks.

‘I’ll just sit on my li’l green chair and wait for them to heal,’ Teal said, grinning.

‘I wonder how you can still grin when you’re in pain. I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time.’

‘You just gotta learn to like pain while hating it.’


Klay still couldn’t figure out this girl’s logic. When she fights against the GMs, she fights as if she has full hp the whole time, when in fact she would usually have only 10 or 20hp. Apparently, it’s ‘demoralizing’.

‘Alright, Klay, you’re spacing out again.’

Klay saw something black flash at the corner of his eye.


Klay still felt the stinging pain on his head even though Teal’s claw connected with it -rather hardly- a long time ago.

‘Rule number one: YOU DON’T HIT YOUR LE—OW!!!! STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!! You’re just damned-OW-lucky I’m not supposed to-OW- HIT GIRLS!!!’

Klay suddenly felt like killing Teal.

Oh, wait. She’s completely healed. That’s… fast.

Teal did not like Drev. At all.

He was the newest member of the 4th Platoon, whisked away from Kerning 2. And he’s poving to be darned useful, being quite a high level: 110.

However, he has one. Huge. Ego.

‘What’s wrong, Teal? Need me to teach you how to switch between visions?’ Drev asked, with his smiling face. She wanted nothing more than making a hole in his head with her throwing stars.

‘Nope,’ She stated flatly, twirling the ilbi star around on her index finger.

‘Remember, come to me for help whenever you need it, noob ass!’ He said, waving as he jogged away. Probably to try and show off his mastery of the Jesus hack. As if it’s not basic enough.

How many months has it been since she joined the 4th Platoon? 3. How high ranked is she? Veteran Hacker. How high levelled is she? Lvl 130.

And here she is, in the presence of an egotistical idiot who thought himself better than everyone else, acting like some sort of wise old man whenever a hacker in training sessions screw up in moves because of pure lack of luck.

‘Don’t care about that noob, Teal,’ Andrew said with a scowl at Drev, laying down beside Teal on top of a roof in Henesys.

She took a quick glance at Andrew with her good eye, then snorted and returned to watching Drev, despising him even more with every look at his arrogant looking face.

Andrew. Lvl 124. Proficient Hacker; one rank lower than her. Amazingly, 3 months ago, he was one of the “5 useless idiots”.

‘Oh, here comes Klay,’ Teal pointed out, flashing a small grin.

They saw an enormous warrior -Klay- walk up to the smaller sized Spearman -Drev-. Klay grabbed Drev’s shoulders, and Drev tried to push him away, but nothing much happened. Yelling voices, Klay’s frustrated punch, then Drev unstrapped his Spear.

‘Look, Drev wants to fight Klay.’


‘Bah, that was a boring fight; one parry and thrust from Klay and Drev was down.’

Teal nodded in agreemant. Drev lunged at Klay, Klay pushed the spear away, then knocked the moron out with a short slap to his head. He then cooly walked away. Well, Klay finally couldn’t tolerate Drev’s ego, huh?

A lot had changed in the 4th Platoon since 3 months ago. For examply, the addition of a two new faces, and the losing of old ones, namely, two of the “five useless idiots”. Amazingly, Cru is still alive and kicking. The only new face that Teal didn’t like was Drev’s. Otter was much more humble and modest to the point where he has no confidence in himself. Oh well.

‘Why weren’t you trying to stop their fight?’ A girl’s voice suddenly sounded into the two’s ears.

‘Ah, hello, Flare.’

That was Teal’s calm response.

‘Ah… AHHHH!!!!’

And that was the noise Andrew made as he fell off the roof.

‘Oh my god, Andrew, I’m so sorry!!” Flare frantically apologized, teleported down to the ground to help Andrew up, ears flushing red.

Teal slapped her head. Flare is too… nice. To think that she’s a lvl 126 Bishop. Although she remains a Script Kiddy. The lowest rank is Noob, and the next is Script Kiddy, then Beginner Hacker, Proficient Hacker, Veteran Hacker, then Expert Hacker. Flare is the only Script Kiddy to be above lvl 80….Don’t know if I should be amazed or not…

‘Andrew, what the f*** are you looking at?’ Teal suddenly inquired, spotting Andrew’s drooling face.

‘Wha..? No!! Nothing!!’ He said, although his gaze did not move from its original spot.

‘Teal, what’re you talking about?’ Flare asked, completely oblivious to Andrew’s pervertic stare at her chest.

He only looked away when Teal kicked him. Hard. Well, he had to, he was kicked 10 feet into the air…

…Landing directly on Cru.

He hit the Lvl 54 noob really darned hard. The impact made Cru fall onto the ground and make a small human shaped crater on the soil. The lod thud and soft crunch of bones sounded really painful too.

‘OW!!! ANDREW, GETOFFME!!!!’ Cru yelled, kicking Andrew off of himself, cradling his broken arm, waiting for it to start healing. It completely recovered in a minute, during which Cru was surprised he hadn’t been punched in return yet. He took a glance at the motionless Fighter.

‘Andrew?’ Cru yipped, poking Andrew’s face.

‘Great, I knocked him out cold,’ Teal groaned, jumping off the roof and landing noiselessly, walking over to the two, Flare following closely behind.

‘Will he be—Ahh, I won’t ask the obvious. Want some food? I killed a lot of Mushrooms today!’ Cru chirped, showing them a bagful of wild game. Teal recoiled instinctively.

‘Great. “Let’s have a barbecue”, eh? NO THANKS! Cru, you can have it. I still remember the food poisoning we had after we ate your food.’ Teal said, turning away and pretending to vomit onto the ground.

‘Aww, don’t be so mean, Teal!’ Flare said, shooting a somewhat friendly glare at Teal, before walking over to Cru. ‘C’mon, I’m gonna see if I’ll get any more food poisoning… Hope you improved!’

The Assassin seemed pleased, leading Flare away towards a probably quiet area. Teal watched for a moment with a blank look, then, without commenting, stepped on Andrew’s head. The boy howled in pain, suddenly snapping out of his ‘unconsciousness’, bolting upright.

‘OW! Teal, ya didn’t have to step so hard!!!’ Andrew cried, rubbing his head.

‘You asked for it,’ Teal replied, sighing.

‘No way!! I just wanted to grab a fewmore glances at Flare’s….. Nevermind…’

‘Pervert,’ She stated flatly, rolling her eyes and walking away.

‘Hey, come back, I don’t wanna be lonely!!! What if the GMs come?’

‘I don’t spend time with perverts.’

‘I thought we were friieeennddsss!!!!’

‘I’m not friends with perverts.’


This time, Teal did not reply, sending to him a friendly wave without turning around to face him, making Andrew sigh.

She still loves solitude, huh?

Another ordinary day, in this empty world… Teal watched the sun set in the distance.

Perhaps, somewhere else, somewhere not far from here, a squad of GMs are watching the same sun.

Too bad they would have to kill each other.

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