reve posted after two weeks.

I was inactive for two weeks.


You see, I’m on a GunZ rage.

I barely got time for mmotales.

Or lollipops for that matter, surprisingly.

I keep playin and playin and playin.

It’s like doing drugs, only drugs kills you. Well, the games kill you, in a way. But meh, they’re not fatal. They aren’t right? Tell me I’m right, damn you.

Anyway, Today I did HORRIBLY for History.

Ok. When did Raffles find Singapore?


What date?


Describe the social impact the immigrants had on Singapore.


Describe the work of the Chinese Protectorate.


….You get me.

Good Lord.

The worst thing is, I only remembered EVERYTHING…


After I thought back on it a few minutes after the test, I suddenly knew all the answers.

… I’m cursed, aren’t I?

(Or did Imppala plant a talisman on me for making him a dead rock star? >.&ltPlease don’t be mad at me. You aren’t are you? If I were you, I wouldn’t be mad at me, because I am me and I’m you and I want the best for both of us, and hatred isn’t a good feeling, is it? Tell me it isn’t, darn it.


Imppala and Funnyfroggy shouldn’t be mad at me anymore after this…..

Massive plot change for Cavalry IV.

Characters now (alive)

Imppala, Arladerus, Russet, Aure, Nova, Legro, Ryxtre, Reve (lol), Nyfe, FunnyFroggy (Nyfe’s pet frog), Metro, Dragoon, Ganz, Shadow

Cavalry’s eight (in groups of two): Ganz/Nyfe, Nova/Reve (legasp, two e stylers on the same team? I might schedule an early death), Arladerus/Shadow, Legro/Ryxtre

Other fighters: Russet, Aure, Metro, Dragoon, Shadow, Imppala

Let’s see how I handle so many characters, eh?

No, I haven’t forgotten about the 4th platoon. It’s just that I keep changing chapter 2 that I can’t post it yet! D:

Anyway. Have a good day!!!!!!!

(My blog after so much inactivity is so… Plain.



Oh. And this is my first try at inking. link

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  1. So who exactly are Russet and Aure supposed to be

    Eh, I guess I’ll just find out.

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