Reve is ranting.

I’m. Finally. Back.

I was reeeally inactive!! Sorry, it was exam week (Actually, it was 2 weeks) and I had extremely limited computer time!!!

Anyway, for my damned exams. I broke a damned awesome record.

Guess what I got for Chinese?



Ok, that was in the dream I had on the night I got my exam paper back.

It’s an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SCORE. So amazing, that five lollipops ain’t enough to keep your mouth shut.

I. Got. A.


You read it right.


Two over one hundred, exactly.

Isn’t it simply amazing???!!!!

I did very. Very. VERY well. In other subjects. Heck, I scored a 98 for my math and a 97 for my Science, which I found amazing because I didn’t study. And there was this super hard algebra question which I only got to at the last minute and managed to ‘tikam tikam’ my way through (Those 2 marks were lost there). And my science paper was full of easy questions, so easy that I gave the setter a lollipop after school. Ok, fine, I gave him an imaginary lollipop, but seriously, what’s the difference, other than one being intangible and the other edible? And for my English composition, I had a 28/30, which was the highest in the level and in my life. Mind you, after I got my marks back, I was like…’OMG. This is a f***ing dream. Please tell me it is.’ Considering how much I flopped last year’s year end test. <–I got into the lowest and supposedly worst class.

And then, after all those… a 2/100. 2%. Epic Fail. Literally. I wonder if the teacher will put ‘Epic Fail’ in my report book. As a result, I was signed up for chinese remedial.

Wonder how I scored so badly?


I fell asleep.


I fell asleep for the whole of 1 hour 50 mins.

Ok, fine, I was awake in time to do 2 questions, which were the only ones I did…

Then I went to sleep. It was like this.

Me: -does two questions- ahhh, loads of time!! I’m sleepy… I’ll go sleep.

-after seemingly 2 seconds later-

Me: -wakes up- -checks watch-

Me: OH. MY. F***ING. GOD.

Invigilator: Please put down your pens and detach the answer sheets from the question paper, then staple the answer sheets together.

Me: -dies-


Anyway, to allow this on MMOTales, I’m gonna talk about GunZ.

In a duel match earlier on today, I sprayed. Yes, I sprayed! And I owned 12 people. Some people were gracious and said,’cool PRO SPRAYER’. However, most of them went,’NOOB SPRAYER KIK HIM’ (I was playing a boy character.)



Kicked me.

They kicked me.

Just for spraying.

Actually, no, it’s not really spraying. It’s using automatic weapons. (I did a 30 bullet combo on a low pinger who rsed and bfed and killed her just like that. That’s how good my aim is, so no, it isn’t spraying.) But then, it pissed a group of k stylers off who proceeded to kick me just before I was about to make my 13th kill in a row.

My God.

If they didn’t kick me, I can tolerate it. I don’t care if they called me a noob sprayer.

But then, if they kicked me, I would have to rant.

When is this discrimination against people using autos gonna end?

I mean, sure, there are a few open minded people who do not whine like babies about my spraying. However, majority of them will just be like, ‘Kik him hes a n00b sprayer’, although I never ever got kicked in the end.

But then, after that incident yesterday, I just want to headdesk. Actually, the only reason why I’m ranting here is because I don’t want to headdesk, so ignore my earlier statement.

People in GunZ are usually 8-14 little children who are egotistical and love giving excuses for getting killed. I may be 14 (13+, actually.), but then I don’t whine or tolerate (my own) complacence on GunZ. I wonder why people still can’t see The Truth. Which is really simple.

If you can’t kill the other party, you either got a technical problem, which usually is not the case, or you’re just not as good as him/her. Either that, or while fighting him/her, you had 1 hp or something.

And then, on to excuses. Many ego freaks always come up with excuses if they get killed.

If people say,’Look I’ve got a mouse problem, so I may be a tad noob’, before they die, usually, it’s true.

If people say,’ Damned f***ing mouse’ after they lost, it’s probably fake, they just want to give excuses to not “lose face”. additionally so if they don’t really display any problems in combat.

Personally, my mouse is out of whack. If I turn the screen too fast, my view will go absolutely haywire, and point at the sky or something. So I lose track of my opponents easily. But I don’t talk about it.
I mean, come on. I got the skills, I got the timing. It’s just my f***ed up mouse. But I still don’t complain. Why?

Because I got used to it.

If you’re gonna keep complaining about technical problems and not get used to it, you might as well just quit, because those technical problems will show up every single time you play, and you can’t cope with it, and you keep getting killed because of it. So instead of getting pissed off every time you start playing, you either get used to it, solve it completely, or just quit.

And then, the most stupid excuses.

1.’hes a sprayer nub’
2.’lagger sh**’
3.’dagger nub’
4.’i was juz givin him a chance’

The last excuse is the worst.

3rd one is also bad.

2nd one is forgivable, because distance laggers are quite the trouble to kill. However, Lead shooting exists, so it’s still counted as an excuse. Unless the guy’s ping is like 300-1000, don’t complain.

The first one is… I don’t know if it’s forgivable or not. Actually, not really. As the saying goes, ‘You don’t look at the style, you look at the player. ‘ ~ Reve (Lol).

Anyway. that ends my rant/observation/whatever this mash up is…


(P.S.Black Nazgul, I still wanna be your illustrator =]

And, btw, I saw a dude in GunZ two days ago called ‘NaZguL’, wonder if it’s you o.O)

15 thoughts on “Reve is ranting.”

  1. You should’ve had a Red Bull before the test. Red Bull gives you wings…! (literally)

  2. Ganache said: “Um.

    What kind of person sleeps during exams?

    *Shakes head.* Tsk, tsk.”

    I completely crashed during my PSATs. I drank this medium cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts with 6 packets of sugar, along with 5 chocolate bars.
    I consumed it too early, I guess, I was drooling through half the test. )=

  3. I heard from somewhere,during a O’Lv exam,one kid wrote
    ‘This is it.’
    For his essay entitled ‘What is the bravest thing you have done?’
    and then slept.

  4. Nope, my sn in Gunz is ~Nova. And hry and PM me/ MSN me/ AIM me lol.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  5. Spontaneity shall take over the world, vanquish balance and order, and restore chaos to all.

  6. lawls o.o

    I somehow never fall asleep during major tests no matter how late I sleep.

    Tis the magic?

  7. Ganache said: “Um.

    What kind of person sleeps during exams?

    *Shakes head.* Tsk, tsk.”

    I finsh most of my math exams in 10 minutes or less and still get a 100% on it. So I just take a 30-40 minute nap >_>. I really need my sleep in the morning.

  8. Frick, I got five wrong on my Spanish quiz today, so I don’t get a Terea Gratis. Everything was going smoothly until the last page; I like, didn’t hear the descriptions for the person (we had to draw the hair n’ stuff), so I got four wrong that way. Either way, I confused largo with large, so I would’ve gotten at least one wrong. :(

    I shall get double digits one way or another! Bingo is my calling card, and I shall win tomorrow.

  9. I don’t see sprayers as “noobs”,

    but more as beginners who don’t take the time to learn professional moves.


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