My cheesy introduction.


First off, I would like to warn you of the dangers for going past this paragraph. You might die because of my super hyped up mood, or go into shock because of my sudden mood changing habits. Or, even worse, you might decide to throw yourself off the 1oth floor, get shot to death by a shotgun on the way down by your father who was using his supposedly unloaded shotgun (Which you loaded a week ago which hopes that he would kill your mother while threatening her with the supposedly unloaded shotgun) and then get your amazing failed suicide recorded in history books. In short, if you suspect that you’re Reve-phobic, press the back button. Now.

Note: I am not “Reves”… In fact, “Reve” was a random word which popped into my head when I was signing up. o.o

It’s Reve. Real name; Erin.

I love computer games. They activate the mind. The miiind. I’ve got the sixth sense in my dreams, you see.

I like to draw.

And write.

Well, what can you say. I fail in real life. I have a boring life. So, I decide to give my characters the luxury of having a dream life.




I love sweets. Yeah. Sweets ftw.

I don’t care what the k-style obsessed idiots say. I’m a pro sprayer. I know that I can k style competently. However, spraying is so fun. BRRRRR, DEAD!!! -headshot–fantastic–all kill-

In case you were wondering what freak game it was, it’s GunZ. It rocks your socks.

I played MapleStory, Flyff, and Rakion before. I didn’t like them. Maple, because of the grinding, Flyff, because it got boring, and Rakion, because it just lagged too much for me.



I play three instruments in real life. 1. Piano 2. Guitar 3. Cello.

I love music.

Well, I should.

I’m in freaking Grade 8 for piano.

I wouldn’t last that long if I hated music.

I fail in sports. More like… I can play many sports. But they bore me. I go for two training sessions, and I skipped the rest of it for the year.

Badminton is BAD. BAD BAD BAD. POINTLESS. SHOOT THE SPORT. No, wait, it’s intangible…

I’m quite the eccentric, as you can see. I bottle up too many things for my own good. I tend to let out emotions in short bursts.


…Classic example.


I currently have a wonderful story idea for Maple.

I just gotta go about presenting it.

I think that I’m the biggest idiot in the world, most of the time.

I have no ego.

I am nice to most.

I am 13.

Thank you for enduring through my introduction without dying. As a reward, I shall now glomp you.


1st screen: Random drawing I did. Supposed to be my anime counterpart :3


25 thoughts on “My cheesy introduction.”

  1. I am now unsure of your gender.

    Edit: Wait wut. You aren’t Reves? o.o D’OH!


  2. Welcome to MMOTales! I am The Nazgul, the resident fanfic writer, and trust me, if you think we would die from your moods, you haven’t seen anything yet .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. Welcome to MMOTales! ^^
    We’ve seen so much more than your changing moods that we’re not immune to it. =D We’ll live.

  4. Welcome to MMOTales! ^^ <-lulz I copy him

    Most people say that MMOT stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Tales, but it does not. It actually means Mental Monsters of Terrorism. Yeah. bin Laden came here once, but he couldn’t stand the . . . er, intensity. I think he registered under the guise, captain? I think he got angry. o_O

    No one is going to die from you’re changing moods. I should mention that there are talking dairy products, talking muffins, talking hamsters, and much more.

    I played Gunz. [Note past tense]. I don’t even remember what level I was.

    Ithinkyoursmexeh. lulz

    aww dammit! Did I fail that?

    Hi, I’m Lazydame
    The dork of mmotales
    I lounge around this site and drink orange juice

    But not really.
    Oh and also I will mostly never use periods, but exclamation marks.
    I don’t know why I didn’t use them here! ?

    All I can say is, welcome to your true home!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  6. Halo thar.
    I’m guo, and noone cares about me =D
    Which version of GunZ do you play? =P
    Maybe we can play together sometimes.

  7. Yeah, I’m here o_o
    Dyou play the one on =P
    And I haven’t blogged in more than a year o_o
    yay me.

  8. hey! nice to meet you Reve
    Yay! we play the same instruments except guitart, but i wanna learn that.
    Ahahaha, grade 8, the following years, you’ll need to LOVE music to finish it, not love, but LOVE, get the difference?
    eh, nways! Hope you have fun here


    ./stab hewhoshaltnotberevealeth

    I am the real deal, so ferget about this “Reve” person >_>


  10. Didn’t you quit like forever, ago?

    Maybe i’m just getting old

    Edit: I am getting old

    that’s the most randomly placed comma ever

  11. -gasp-
    It’s another of the rare ANSWR-type.
    …disregard that, it means nothing

    I think I’ll like you. Welcome.

  12. Greetings, I am LORDISAAC, the mighty-failing comic maker! Ironicly, I love oxymorons, which is not very ironic, but it still makes it an oxymoron! =D

  13. Woooah.

    I didn’t expect to get this introduction liked and commented on so many times.

    I wuv you guys :3 -glomps everyone-

    (Man, I sure glomp a lot, )

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