Maple day 3 =]

Well, things have been pretty uneventful in Maple. Uh. Kind of.

I hardly need to use the mouse at all, and I’m glad for that. Therefore I can enjoy maple TO THE MAXXX!!!!!

Kind of.

The one thing about LGMS is that the players are pretty quiet. I was at the Drakes for like 20 mins and everybody was like. “duhhhhmmm………” =_=lll (Asians…).

Desperate for some human interaction, I was like, “HEY GRATS YOU LVLED LOL” and they responded with “AWESUM THX” and somehow I managed to “HEY LET’S PT LOL” and they agreed and we went to own Yeti butt.

(I forgot to screenie. what.)

It was awesome. We were owning the whole map!!! Avenger rox like hell. So does Shadow Partner. (I managed to do a 4.5K on the Yeti!!!!! And no I didn’t scroll my eq and I’m not dexless) and the people who weren’t in our pt when they passed by was getting major ksed so they were practically begging us to let them join x] So in the end our pt was 6 members strong!! Hurray, we rock everythannnggggggggggggg!! With those four words in mind, we ventured to the Yeti and Pepes.


Lvl 85 Mit: 1.8k hp

Yeti and pepe’s magic attack: 1.05k dmg


Yes, despite our pt members being a lvl 70-85, we got owned. Like mad.


Because our hp was like 3 hit ko at most.


I know you’re staring at the screen and saying “LAWLNOOB” . ._.


Fine we suck.

-emo corner-

-pops out of emo corner-

Anyway@!!!@@@ After that we gave up fighting and went to perion to own some Drake butt instead!!!! Back to the spot where we first met. For once I was the highest lvled in my pt (85 mit ftw)

There was this orange dragon mini boss spawn at the Drakes in LGMS.

Well, a few hours later I was back on my own again, still training at the Drakes. The others had to go. =[ (It was still early evening then at my place). Well the mini boss spawned.

At first I was OMGOMGOMGIMMAGETOWNNEDD because it had big dmg, big hp, and was surrounded by his Drake minions. Tons of em!!!!! And those fire boars!!!!!! Avoiding a confrontation, I dark sighted and passed through all of em onto this ledge on its head.

Then I tried attacking it’s head which was poking out the ledge.


So just like that, I uber cheaply headshotted the damned thing (remotely approximately) 9999999999999999999999 times and then lvled up because of it.

Status: LGMS, Lvl 86 Hermit, with 54 mill at my disposal plus a pile of awesome eq.

SMS, trying to join, but THE DAMNED IP DOES NOT WORK !

Right hand drawing (finally!!!!)

Also, I can start drawing again, because my right hand has gotten surprisingly better in just one week (was it two? ._. can’t remember.) Thank you for the get well soons guys It no longer hurts to use a pencil, and I can draw and write at least Therefore I did my first drawing with it.


(I know I’m not that great, sheesh (T_T) )

currently trying to learn


To FunnyFroggy: I am NOT a gullible 13 year old

12 thoughts on “Maple day 3 =]”

  1. *Claps for extended period*
    Yay, you owned some pencil lead with that cool drawing!

  2. Love the gun (pistol?)!
    And I love the way you blog, it’s entertaining. :3
    Dear Reve’s Hand: Get Well Soon, mmkay?

  3. Sorry, I still linger around MMO and I saw that gunÂ… & it’s so freaken hot. ._.;
    That’s SUCH a good drawing, nice job. (:

  4. Didn’t you post that on a previous blog? o___o

    And Paint.NET isn’t too difficult to get the hang of. It’s just annoying how it asks you to update when you open it

  5. ipod123432 said: “Aw, how come everybody can draw but me?


    I can’t. :D

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