Idiots in GunZ.

There are a lot. A LOT. Of idiots in gunz.

I think many people agrees with me.

I mean, holy Lord. I know that I use SMGs too much for my own good. So what? Everyday, I go on GunZ and spray all the k stylers to hell, and then you know what they went?

‘N00B SPRAYER!!!!!’


‘eew, spray’


Etc. etc.

It’s just. Getting. RIDICULOUS.

Well, this is the funny bit. I switched to twin shotguns the next round because they were whining so much that I had to play mummy and abide by their pleas for me to stop spraying. I still owned them. And you know what they did?

“SPRAYER NOOB -leaves room-“


I mean. Ok. Assuming that I’m a pure sprayer and not a hybrid from now onwards, and I was in the shoes of the k styler I owned, I think I would be pissed off if I trained like hell in k style for half a year and then get pwned by a guy (Or girl) who don’t know half the moves you do, killing you by simply using the simplest move known to mankind: Hitting a couple o’ direction keys at half the speed you hit your keys, and simply aiming and clicking the left mouse button. And those k style moves were hard as hell to train in at that. (K style = Hitting 5-10 keys in a second)

However, seriously.

Instead of calling me a “sprayer noob” or all the other sh**, why don’t people actually recognize the fact that Sprayers are their weakness and train harder in a more amicable manner?

It’s really depressing to think that 95% of the people playing GunZ are K styler ego freaks. People have gotta realize that it’s not the style. It’s the player. A competent k styler would have been able to survive a bunch of spraying, vice versa. It’s the most logical conclusion, and yet, people are still so blind to it.

Holy heavens. The world is ending.

Screencap 1: Spray owns. (The blue team consisted of two k stylers and one sprayer, the red consisted of all sprayers) I mean. Look at my beautiful score after 20 minutes.

P.S. I play IJJI GunZ and LegacyGamers

14 thoughts on “Idiots in GunZ.”

  1. I haven’t played Gunz in so long

    That game was crazy fun though

    i had to stop because my comp started lagging all of a sudden whenever i played it

    I was a level 7 but i was surprisingly good

    good times

  2. I’m a K-Styler, but I’ve come to accept the fact that lots of people like to hold down the mouse button to shoot, which makes perfect sense. I wouldn’t consider that spray; what I call spray is when a person holds down the button for an automatic-shooting weapon who is mindlessly moving the direction back and forth, hoping to get a few shots. And from first person shooters, I’m paranoid to click and shoot a few shots at a time to increase accuracy. (For a lowly 3rd-person shooter game like GunZ, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t increase and accuracy anyways though.)

  3. That ain’t a machine gun, that’s a sub-machine gun!
    But heck, I could never K-style, so I went to D-style!
    Hope to fight with ya’ll soon.

  4. Well, there seem to be alotta idiots in all games, even in Guild Wars now Dx


    Ps. How’d you know that there was already a “Reves” (referring to your previous blog) -shifty glance- >_>


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