GunZ Fanfic coming up!

Somehow, I’ve decided to manage two fanfics at one time.

Yes. One will be “The 4th Platoon”, the other will be “Courage”.

Courage will be a GunZ fanfic, because I’m hooked on the game and I have wanted to create a story for it for a long time. It’ll loosely be based on the game… Actually, mostly. All the K style moves and everything will be here. The only difference would be that there will be no Hp or Ap, and a constant world with some back story. No, I’m not using the Ijji backstory!

And, I’m more familiar with GunZ than maple. Hell, the only way for me to know what’s going on in maple (new jobs, new skills etc) would be through basilmarket. That’s why, no illustrations. Not much. But for “Courage” I’ll do a couple o’ comics of the more intense scenes. I’ve already decided how my GunZ illustrations of typical moves should look like.

link : This will be two people bfing.

link : This will be a someone rs/pbing someone.

link : This will be an SMG dude tumbling backwards. He’s shooting at someone who’s using blocking his bullets, with a comrade jumping in with a sword to help.

And so on.

Man, I realized how un-light hearted I have been lately….

Meh. I ran out of lollipops. My mom forgot to buy a new batch. Chewing gums don’t really work, just makes me feel more. Uh. Bad ass. You know what I mean. I don’t like feeling bad ass. But then again, bad assing is pretty cool, so I don’t really hate it either… But then I don’t like it because I hate bad asses and I momentarily became one of them while chewing gum.

Anyway. See ya’ll.

(Was inactive for a week because of a school trip to… CHINA!!!!

But then, it was scary.

I mean.

Every single picture I took had ORBS in them. Almost every single one.

As we all know: Orbs = Ghosts

And I did get this creepy feeling throughout the trip.

I’m being haunted!!!

jk. They might’ve been dust particles… =/)

11 thoughts on “GunZ Fanfic coming up!”

  1. Interesting, thought I don’t know Uncle Paul from all those acronyms you threw at me.

    Btw, your picture links are broken. They have an extra : at the end of all of them.

  2. Lol, you badass
    I wonder what I am? I’m chewing gum while drinking pepsi!
    OMG, I go to JAIL!

    Lol, me too don’t know acronyms! T.T
    Lol, you scribbler!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  3. Tninja said: “*repeats Nazgul’s praise* ^_^”

    And don’t you diss chewing gum! D:

    I’m chewing some right now.

    And I say
    I’m addicted to sugar alcohol!


  4. A Gunz fanfic should be interesting. I’ll keep checking for this.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  5. I would have played GunZ, if only the fething torrent update would work!
    K-Style for the win, like Starcraft and hyperactivity.

    ~Lily x33.

  6. Acronyms in this blog:

    Bfing : Butterfly-ing
    Rsing: Reload shoot-ing
    Pbing: Point Blank-ing
    SMG: Sub Machine Gun (You probably know this already lol)

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