Conspiracy to lose my innocence.

Stutterfish: aka Popcorn, (sworn) Big Sister, Mad, Arsonist, Mad___ Vai_______ (For the sake of her privacy) (OM’FG IT’S STEVE VAI’S DESCENDANT)

I’m sure you have all read her blog.

My (sworn) big sister has conspired with FunnyFroggy to corrupt me.



Firstly, was the “A Lost Love” chapter.

IT’S… IT’S……. M-18…. AND FUNNYFROGGY, that ridiculous, krukolibidinous, eccentric, insane, gymnogynomanic,

FunnyFroggy said: “hawt”

french amphibian, did not type in M-18 in the title.

Me, being the ungullible innocent untainted and sinless 13 year old, clicked on it.


. . . . . . .There goes one half of my innocence! And once innocence is gone, it’s gone bye bye! And we shall be emo every day! A quarter emo at most, but still emo! Because the world has lost a little of its color!

Wait, there’s more.

If you’ve read Popcorn’s blog.


Popcorn: -thinking: LUL I CORRUPT YOU NAO- -link–link–link–link-

Being the half-innocent half-sinless half-untainted 13 year old I am, I clicked on it.

A dashing young french man filled the page.

That’s when I lost the rest of my innocence.

“OMG HE’S HAWT!!!!!!!” I screamed like the fangirl I never thought I would be.

As Popcorn quoted in her blog,

Stutterfish said: “”…I’ve never said that before.””

Yes, my childhood was filled with me running around like a boy, playing boyish games like soccer, baseball, and rail shooters.
And I fear those days will cease to exist.

That’s. BAD.

Whyy, Popcorn…Whyyy must you take away my innocence foreverrrr TT_TT

Pam’s Labyrinth said: “…For indeed, Innocence is such a powerful, precious thing; once you lose it, you can never get it back.”

And now, I shall formally say farewell to my innocence.





Ok, not really mastered. But. But. By lollipops’ sugar, I did 7 slashes in an instafall just yesterday!!!!!!!!!


I somehow found a way to keep dbfing the person in the air after 3 slashes!!!! Just hold the forward button while dbfing (meh you probably knew that, I’m nubcake ;_; )!!!!!!


Anyway, I came to this conclusion about… Not only GunZ, but any skill orientated game possibly in existence.



Luck > Skill.

Oh yes.

The more I played GunZ, the more my faith in skill diminished. It was such a great revelation that I stopped bashing myself when I believed it.

You see, think about it. A noob vs a pro. By amazing luck, ALL the pro’s shots miss, and also by amazing luck, the noob spammed combo just when the pro closes in, because of amazing luck the noob got a massive because he was panicking, and the pro closes in again just when the noob throws out the massive. And then he spams SMGs everywhere, and the pro gets shot 99999999x times and dies.

Amazing luck, ain’t it!!!!

It’s luck, every single time. If you win, you’re luckier than your opponent. Because if your opponent was luckier than you he would have won. Oh yes.

Conclusion: Luck > Skill. Every single time.




12 thoughts on “Conspiracy to lose my innocence.”

  1. Well, at least you mastered instafall. I never went K-style before. Too complicated.

  2. I do D-style, and I’m pretty good with it. Unless I get too nervous.
    That’d suck.

  3. I normally let the noobs come to ME.

    And not all pros necessarily cave in, I’d like to see how your noob-style works against me.

    Quest server 3, IJJI gunz.



  4. What do people have against Spraying? Spraying+Turtling takes care of half the irritating little k-stylers that think they’re so pro. And if they’re actually good at k-styling? I run.

  5. LOL i havent really been innocent since my mum let me start reading romance novels in hte 2nd grade and htey made me feel funny and i couldnt figure out way

    -cries and bemoans lost innocence-


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