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New protection from the Cavalry!

By Repty

As we all know, there are many… Skilled fighters in Astra. Us common folk -the defenseless in short-, are the ones who suffer the most. Just yesterday, the author of the “Shadow Templars” Trilogy (A trilogy well loved and praised, of which I am a fan of), Nazgul Black, was caught in a crossfire between the Fable and Axium Clans, and regrettably died of gunshot wounds, as reported by my colleague, Silver. Of course, there was deep mourning for this loss.

Nazgul is, of course, not the only victim of the fatal activities of the fighters in Astra. Imppala, the lead guitarist of heavy metal band “Funny Froggies”, Prodigy the cellist, Snox, the host of “Snox Night Comedy”, and even Kitsch, the highly talented comic artist… We had more losses, all of whom were extraordinary people, but of the non-fighting class. We have suffered quite enough, have we not?

That is what the leader of the Cavalry clan, Ganz, thinks.

Registered just a few days ago, the Cavalry currently has only eight members, all of whom were extremely skilled fighters, as I saw them with my own eyes.

When asked why Ganz has decided to protect the non-fighters, he answered,’ The uninvolved should rightfully not be affected in any way, and yet, some of the fighters actually killed them. I want that to stop. Now.’

Well, folks, I can only hope that the Cavalry clan can protect us from any more losses.


Author’s section!

Yeah, I changed the title.

Had a massive plot change DD

People dragged into this (Without permission)

-Repty (The journalist)
-BlackNazgul (The author who got killed)
-AxiumFable (Note the name of the clans)
-Silverfx (Repty’s colleague)
-Imppala (The dead rock star)
-FunnyFroggy (Imppala’s band name is based on this username.)
-Snox (The (dead) host of the comedy TV show!)
-Prodigy (Dead cellist )
-Kitsch (Dead comic artist)
-Ganzicus (Dude. Ganz=Ganzicus.)

Also, I got a name block. I can’t think of names for the Cavalry’s eight.

Soooo whoever wants to volunteer his/her name, just comment and say so

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  1. Why can’t I be in, instead of the author who gets killed .

    Maybe use Nova?

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. You spelled ‘Axiom’ wrong. Unless you meant that. Annnnnnnnnnnd, why do I have to be a dead band name? I wanna be a dead band pet. >O

  3. Quack : Next day reves was violated by dead zombie rockstars.

    Look out, Reves! I’ll send an army of zombie eating tigers to save you! D:

  4. Aw. I wish I could be in there as good ol’ Falerix with Double SMGs and Rocket Launcher.

    Are you incorporating E-Style, K-Style, etc? If so, I E-Style all the way.

  5. *Blinks*

    *Blinks again*

    *Forgets, then remembers to breath. Very deeply*


    Nah, just joshing. But seriously? I’m a DEAD rock star? *Has minor/major issues with my band name, for a start. And have you EVER hyeard me sing?*

    Psssh, it wouldn’t matter, would it. I’m dead BEFORE the story started. *mutters and kicks*

  6. Reve said: “

    Quack : Next day reves was violated by dead zombie rockstars.”

    Look out, Reves! I’ll send an army of zombie eating tigers to save you! D:

    Even Cheese is a better name than Reve

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