Rainofsorrow, the Midget Knight

Status- Rainofsorrow the Bear Slayer with a Single Blow
Level- 17
Age- 11

Now recently, aka yesterday, I rebirth myself with a new look and at a lower age as well as back to level one. Why? To restart my character without actually having to delete it. Well now then, let’s get going to the blogspot.

I logged in and clicked rebirth. I warped to the big empty white world and then Nao appeared in all her beautiness. I asked several questions about rebirth before actually going into the rebirth. Now, you have several options here. You can rebirth to change your age and look, you can rebirth to reset your level, or you can do all both. I did both. Now You can choose to spawn at your previous location, or at Tir Chonaill. I recommend Tir Chonaill because you can get a color dye from Tin, the kid with the big helmet. I explored a bit and took a look at Tir Chonaill from Elemental Forest. I slayed a couple of Racoons and walked down the path to Tir Chonaill.

After that I just went to Alby Dungeon to train and upgrade my skills. BTW, skills are passed on your new life so you don’t need to retrain them, you also keep your items and bank account stuff as well as titles. Next time I rebirth I’ll be level 50 so I can get a new title called ‘who Tackled 50 at 10.’ Anyways, afterwards I just went to Dungaild Aisle and slayed a bear. I killed it in one hit and at level 9! I AM TEH BEST!

. . .

Alright if you’re subscribed to Nao’s Support or Fantasy Life Club (Cash Shop stuff) you get escape bombs that deal incredible damage. My Critical Hit was at Rank C and I killed the Brown Bear easily. Yes I cheated, sue me. Anyways, yeah. If you’re interested my skills are:

Playing Instrument- Novice
Rest- F
First Aid- F
Weaving- F
Smash- F
Defense- F
Range- F
Counterattack- F
Combat Mastery- B (I’m passing this class.)
Tailoring- F
Campfire- F
Composing- Novice
Refining- Novice
Blacksmith- F
Cooking- F (My foot! I make Five Star Cheese Bread! How can I fail?)
Herbalism- Novice
Potion Making- F (But I make HP 100 potions.)
Fishing- Novice
Production Mastery- D
Magnum Shot- Novice
Windmill- F
Critical Hit- C
Sharp Mind- C
Enchant- F
Magic Mastery- F
Icebolt- F

Overall, I’m failing. But I focus a lot on Combat Mastery and Critical Hit because I’m a warrior. Well that’s all I’m blogging about.

Edit- I leveled up to 17 in the past hour just to let you know.

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