Rain of Sorrow Chapter 2

This is my style of writing. First person perspective changing main characters for different parts of the story. This will be an awesome story style. Anyways, enjoy.

Rain of Sorrow

Chapter 2- Final Destination


I sat against the rocky wall of the chasm, trying to catch my breath. I looked around at my friends. Wayne held his arm out to Ken for him to treat an already infected wound. Grim sat on a rock with his hand over his eyes, his blue hair a mess. My eyes wandered to the grave yard of which we had survived. Dead Yetis and Lycanthropes littered the snow covered ground, white crystals floating into stab wounds and decaying flesh. I shivered at the idea of how it felt to be dead. My skin stung with frost bite and I couldn’t even feel my feet, even though I had just came out of battle. Grim hopped off his rock.

“C’mon,” he said. “If you’re ready, let’s get going. The Shrine of Silence will finally end this god forsaken quest.”

Yes, our quest that we were unfortunate to be chosen for. I cursed god for tearing me away from my loved ones, away from my home, and away from my. . . former life. . .


I starred at every one of their faces. Eager to finish the fight, but sad to have been taken away from our old world. I had grown away from these feelings, but they haven’t. . . espically Sylva. Wayne squezzed his right hand and starred at the ground with anger, Ken held his arm to his eyes to soak away his tears. Sylva sat starring off blankly into space. After they had gotten over their. . . moments, we began our venture toward our final destination.

The door was solid and didn’t seemed like it would budge. We backed up a bit and I held up my staff. “Icebolt!” I shouted, the wind then blew against me and the ice on the ground crashed into the gateway. We sprinted into the chamber. Suits of armor wielding the hammers of heavy attack (Ken calls them “Ban Hammers&quot came to life and moved toward us. Our fights with these monstrosities (Ken calls them GMs, which stand for “Guard Masters&quot made us prepare for them. Wayne side stepped to the left to avoid a strike and then Flash Jumped himself into another GM. Landing in front of the armor, he rolled underneath it just as it brought down it’s Ban Hammer. Sylva then fired a series of Iron Arrows into the armor, which was one of our strategies. The armor stumbled backwards, dropping it’s hammer, and tripped over Wayne who was on his hands and knees just behind it. As it fell, he ran for the hammer and brought it down onto the chest plate of the GM.

“One down,” Wayne said, “a crap load to go.” Dropping the hammer he initiated formation overload.


We were tired. We had wounds on our body, external and internal. We were tired and ready to sleep. But we had a mission to finish. Grim helped me up to my feet before we climbed the stairs leading to the end of our journey.

“After this, I’m going home,” I whispered to myself.

You’re wrong Sylva. A whole new journey will begin that will help you know why you’re here. Prepare for the first episode.

To be concluded.

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  1. Nope. I’m ending the first story in the next chapter and making Episode 1 with it.

  2. Hmm.
    It was like a roller coaster. Your professionalism.

    The story started great. Character feeling,s descriptive, excellent.

    Then, that, armor paragraph. I got lost at “Ban Hammers”, it’s like you got a case of the Bad Grammar Flu.

    And then you were cured in the last paragraph. Ending it off nicely, maybe too abrupt, and left us hanging. I don’t know if a cliffhanger in the second chapter was a good idea, but hey, it enticed FF, so great.

    Try to keep it real during the whole story, don’t throw smilies in(Unless your commenting) and don’t end random fights without some warning.

  3. They aren’t smiles, the author was trying to close the bracket but the input turned it into a emoticon.

    ~Lily x33.

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