Anyone else have this trouble?

So, I’m a few days into me free WoW trial. I made a second character (more on her later) to get another view of the game, and I’m still have a decent time playing. My job keeps me from having a ton of time to play, but I don’t mind that so much. I am, however, starting to wonder if I’ll ever actually get the paid version. Why?
My roommate.
I heart my roommate, I do. But she is very demanding of my free time. She heaves a HUGE sigh and storms off whenever I mention that I might like to play WoW. (She doesn’t know yet that I’m playing the trial. I have to sneak online when she’s either asleep or at work.) I understand that she’s apparently lost a few friends in the past to the game, but… seriously now. I don’t have the *time* to spend all day playing anymore. Before I moved in with her, rather, before I started talking with her, I’d come home from work and enjoy my free time. Maybe write or draw, or maybe spend 10 hours grinding on Maple Story on my day off. I barely play MS now because if I can’t sit and grind for 10 hours then it doesn’t feel worthwhile to play it. I’m afraid that the same is going to happen with WoW if I start playing it.
My roommate wants me to spend all of my free time (when she’s around at least) with *her*. But I’m a rather reclusive person, and would like to be able to spend more of my free time by myself.
Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to handle things? I have to live with her, so I’d rather not have her pissed off at me all the time. But I’d still like to be able to play games by myself. (And no, she doesn’t want to play WoW.)

In actual WoW related ramblings, I made a second character. Female Night Elf Druid. It’s been interesting so far to see how choosing a different race can make the game feel completely different. My Tauren was running around in bright sunny plains and mountains, while my Night Elf has been bouncing her way through dark shadowy forests. (The rather listless bouncy animations for the night elf amuse me, btw.) While I’m enjoying playing my druid, I *am* starting to miss the sunlight a little. >_>
Either way, I’m really good at getting my girls killed. Oops. In the process of getting killed, I’ve wandered a bit too far and have started to get a feel for just how HUGE the world in this game is. It’s been fun, in a “omg that monster’s level is ?? that cannot be good for me” kind of way.
And thanks to the people commenting in my last entry, I have pictures! Yay!
1st is my Tauren riding back from the Barrens, where I managed to not get killed by a Giraffe. 2nd is with my night elf, and was actually taken because of what was being said in the General chat. Yes, I’m easily amused.

10 thoughts on “Anyone else have this trouble?”

  1. Well, do you think she’s honestly worth your WoW playing time? Or vice-versa. Is WoW worth the time you have to spend with her?

  2. Tell her that you’d play only when you’re playing together? o__O

    Or play something else, RuneScape? =D

    Or get a PS3, COD4, and Uncharted and watch her oogle at your gaming skillz.


  3. Wolfguy184 said: “shes your ROOMATE not ur gf right? and tell her to stop being such a drama queen”

    Supposing Piratefairy’s roommate is not blood related to him (and supposing he’s male, since ShiningWings has me confused now), I’m pretty sure they’re past the “boyfriend-girlfriend” stage seeing as how he said the following in his blog. . .

    piratefairy said: “I heart my roommate, I do.”
  4. No, roommate is NOT my gf, but I AM a girl. O_o
    (Yes, amazingly, some of the female characters running around in your MMOs really are being played by girls. Probably some of the male ones too.)

  5. Ganzicus said: “Level ? mobs are always 9~9000 levels higher than you

    actually the highest lvl mob in this game is 73, soon to be 83

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