I’ve actually tried to download Maple Story three times so far this year. I think I’m either just not meant to play this game, or I’m going about this the wrong way… but…

It has killed my keyboard.

Every time I try downloading this good for nothing game, it god damn kills the keyboard! First sign comes when the keyboard becomes unresponsive. I then get on my knees, disappear into a jumble of cables, and place the cord into a different outlet.

I’ve done this three times to date. Now, I think I’m out of outlets.


What am I supposed to do?

13 thoughts on “Yeah…”

  1. vicelin said: “Get a new computer and keyboard?”

    I don’t think I can ever go to such an extent for a game

  2. Or you could make it like this 0=D

    And my compute and keyboard is from a Garage Sale. It’s a Vista too O.o
    Only costed me 35$ for all.

  3. Woah. I don’t think I’m going to get a new computer for 35$ after spending a few hundred on this one D:

    I have no clue how you got that smiley to work, MasterCheeze. It has to be the Master in your name,

  4. Haha it’s been working for over 7 months now. There’s no way I’m throwing it out yet

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