Aliyah – Hiatus.

Heyyo. Yeah, it’s me. I haven’t blogged in an insane amount of time so I guess I might as well. As the cliched line goes, A lot has happened since I last blogged. And it’s so true. ‘Cept for the fact that I still play in Scania, Global Maplestory.

I last left off at Christmas, as level 76. And now I’m writing again in mid-June, and I’m 120. Whoa. Aha. I really don’t feel like elaborating much on anything– so I won’t. D; I gained many new friends, and lost a few due to server changes and the insane amount of drama that Scania provides gleefully. Despite all the negativity, I still kept with it because I am unable to separate myself from the amazing friends I have. ^^; Cheesay, but true. Cheezy*

I would show you lot a whole bunch of screenshots that I had, but unfortunately there was a lame problem with my computer. The power went off for a while and so my computer was shut down improperly. When the power was back, my computer started up again — but it kept restarting itself at the ‘Windows XP’ screen. So I was unable to make backup files as I wasn’t even able to logon. Anyway, long story short: My dad reformatted my PC, so I lost all my screenshots…and documents…and files…pictures…all my music… -cringes- Oh man.

Uhm yeah! And then I saw that MMOTales started playing this private server, SimpleMS.. That was fun for awhile, but despite the insane leveling rates and experience gained — I still preferred GMS. Why? My friends, duh. Leveling in the game means nothing to me really. XD So, I went back. ^^;

And then yeah, I hit 120 yesterday. But I’m still not a bishop yet though. I should be in due time however. So early congrats to me. (: It was cool, I was 119, 99.98% 3 days ago.. With only mere 30 experience points more to go ‘till I hit the big 120. But I had promised my amazing friend Esteban [EsteBanKai] that we would level together to 120. Only, he was still 116 D; So miraculously, we got him to 119, 99.98% as well in 2 days (Leeching at Skelegons ftw?) and together we leveled to 120 in the Free Market after healing my friend Afro from his Dragon Roar attack. ‘Twas awesome. Hitting 4th job legitly and fully on your own was like graduating all over again.

> > I leveled a little before this.
> > Lol at Bei’s super mega He’s usually greeted by ‘Aye Bei Bei‘. Lol D;
> > Banz and I were going to become bishops, but I had to leave for my friend’s grad party.

Which brings me to another point. I GRADUATED. Yeahh, Class of ‘08! No need to elaborate how flippin’ great we are: don’t hate, just appreciate. O.o Heh…heh.
./class pride

BUT OMG YEAH. No more high school! It was so funnn. And sad at the same time, I’ll miss everyone. But unfortunately, I only got 4 days of summer. School ended June 11th, graduation on June 12th. And then… I had Friday off, Saturday off, Sunday off… and Monday started my Summer 2008 Semester of college. Woot. D;< Oh well. It’s fun. I’m taking Anthropology. And I learned that whales evolved from wolf-like creatures during prehistoric times. O.o; Lovely?

Sorry, my entire tone of this blog is like so drabby. Truth is, I’m feeling insanely lazy and it’s summer and it’s hot. And the fan is blowing in my face… and I have work tomorrow and it’s all gross. Lol.

Oh yeah, I turned 18! Woot. THAT was fun, but I can’t talk about that on here exactly. ^-^;

Uh, oh yeah. I’m going to do some advertising here because my friend Harleigh wants some more advertising about their Private Server. Hope you all don’t mind, seeing as most of you are playing private servers already:

XplicitMS. Not to be confused with FinalMS or that pron site…that people often get for typing in the web address incorrectly.
It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s easy.

300~400x experience rates.
300~400x meso rates
30x equip drop rates
We have 4th job.
We have GM events everyday, you win NX for these ;D
No hackers, instant IP bans.

Our GMs are extremely active and people that we all know and favor from places like YouTube where they’re most made famous:

We have xxx Drayxxx, Tate, PokemonAndy, LastGen, YumiLove, Chiqo, and so many more just to name a few. Yep! Oh and our lovely Aaron plays it too. So dooo it.

Hehe, it was funny. GM Tate leveled me up from 42-100 (stopping for job advance which took like 2 seconds) in a matter of seconds. And it was CRAZY. Ahaha, and then he thought he was so funny and summoned 2 freaken Horntail on me and I died. D; That jerk, lol. But he’s cool. And I never saw a horntail get summoned before — it’s about the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. ^O^ < 3

> > That’s me. ;D

Uh, go join today! ;D

Alrighty, and now. I’m going to take a break from blogging for another long period of time. Keep in touch if you all can. (: I apologize that I haven’t been on MSN / AIM in a while, it’s hard to have time. But since it’s summer, it shouldn’t be all too difficult. I’ll try my best.

AIM: mimmi chocolate
MSN: mimmi_chocolate AT NOSPAM
IGN: missmimmsi
Server: Scania
Cellular: 925-895-1…jk. (A few of you have it though, and it’s a pleasure to talk with you all ;P)

Have a great summer guys. (:
-Mimmi [< 3]

15 thoughts on “Aliyah – Hiatus.”

  1. Don’t worry, I’ll always be there.

    For like, one more day, until I have to reconfigure my computer to RUN THE SERVER.

  2. Oooh, that private server of your friend’s looks interesting. C; I think I’ll go check it out when I get some time, haaha. XD

    I’m too obssessed with playing Trickster though, YARG! ; – ; *runs to kitchen to see what’s cooking for dinner* :3
    YES, I’m starving here. Dx

  3. Lol sorry Davey. But I have to say so as a dutiful friend of his. ;D -has been bribed with NX- ^^’
    And yeah! 120 after like what? TWO YEARS of the crazy game. It’s been awesome though. And Marmies, err. Marissa still plays it too ;D She’s like almost 130. o.o

    And rofl at Jesus. That just made me laugh. ;D

  4. Lawls. How about three years of this crazy game and still at level 95? XD
    It’s good to hear from you though. ^^

    *mooches off*

  5. Jesus Christ, I have played so many servers lately ê_e

    There’s no way I’m gonna leave for another server lol, I play these servers is to achieve 4th job ~_~

  6. Mimmieeeeeeeeh~ I haven’t seen you in so long :[

    And you’re a cheater loosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cause you got ahsan to help you, therefore Damon > Aliyah. On a second note, whatUX YOu’RE LEVEL 120!?! OMG THAT MEANS YOU’RE 4TH JOB ADV D:

    I have to level more ._.

    I hope I can play maple more, but I fudged up my exams, so my parents’ll be like “STUDY NAO -whip whip-“. But they’re going away for 10 days so it’s gonna be me at home alone ^^.

    I hope i’m still in Dharkhan O:


  7. Looks exciting! I’ll join it for a try.

    EDIT: What the. .?! I went on xplicit and they said that 4th job isn’t out and they’re still working on it =_=
    They said they only said “4th job” to attract people,

  8. Damon! I misss you too! And Ahsan only helped me for 5 levels when I was in my 60s. D; & Yeah, you’re still in the guild. Can’t wait to see you around love ;D

    Lumpieh, lol. I did take long breaks and stuff.

    And Quack, I don’t know if the website is updated, but they DO have 4th job. Lol. I play it, and there’s people all over the place with 4th job. The thing is, you don’t just get it when you level to 120. You get 4th job by participating in GM events such as “KILL THE PIANUS IN FM, CHANNEL 2!” and/or if you know a GM. Both of which aren’t hard to do since the GMs are super active and easy to get to know and befriend (my first friend was a GM 😮 ) and GM events are everyday! Sometimes even multiple times. So yep.


  9. That’s some weird way to get 4th job o_o

    EDIT: Oh and btw, how do you get nx items on xplicit?

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