until we meet again

im gonna be leaving mmotales.com and maplestory for a while,yes, it’s true, my computer is gonna be repaired because there’s too many viruses
im not going to be here for a while because my internet is bugging, i hope everybody takes care of themselves and i will miss you all i hope i will come back soon

until i come back (which is going to be like 2-3 years if the computer is broken)

search for my myspace………. myspace.com/tonie2000

god bless you all, see ya

2 thoughts on “until we meet again”

  1. Bye bye! (I have no idea who you are) (prob since I haven’t been on MMO since, couple years ago) By the way, easy way to reduce virus’s is to simply close your computer and d/c your internet when you’re done using it. It’ll save you money from firewalls and it works better too!

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