Spring Breakuh

After a long ass thing from MMOT. I thought of telling you guys about my character in Mabinogi.
Taiwan version is at G7.

That picture there is my character lololol. My friend recently quit, so I got some nice things from him.

Second picture: my character’s inventory and the stuff.
Some of the stuff are not seen in the picture, they’re either on my pets or in the bank.

My Robes
– Natane’s MOFUMOFU Fur Coat (red fur, black overall)
– Robe (black)

My Shoes
– Snake Carmel Spirit Boots of Healer

My Armor
– Kraus’ Middle Class Leather Armor of Healer (I’m trying to wear this out so I can save more space )
– Bone Marlin Armor for Men (still trying to find which enchantments are good for this armor)

My Hats
– Smart Star Brooch Mage Cap of Soldier (I’ve never seen hats take up so much space; 2×3)
– Stiff Tail Cap (increases my critical rate by 10%! Kick ass!)
– Broad Band Hood (it’s ugly, expensive, and useless)

My Gloves
– Fox Sesamoid Glove (best one I have for now)
– Leather Hand Glove
– Glove of Scissors (it’s useless, but it was a one-time thing)
– Bone Marlin Gaunlets

My Shield
– Round Shield (hey, it has a blue rim, so it costs a lot)

My Weapons (damn, there’s so much)
– Fine Leather Long Bow of Fortune (it sucks, but I don’t wanna throw it away)
– Swan Summoner’s Guardian Bow of Fighter (it’s okay-ish)
– Guardian Bow of Red Fox (trying to make it uber)
– Ruyuefeixue’s Amethyst Butterfly (apparently, it’s a combat fan. I bought a pink one! )
– Fox Hunter’s Guardian Bow (gonna burn the enchantment off sometime)
– Stiff Mace of Consideration (how can a person be considerate when they’re bashing people’s brains out with a mace?)


I’m considering to buy an Odelia’s Wizard Suit. It looks cool, and it costs 180,000 gold. It’s expensive as hell alright, but I sell dyes. Black dyes. 300,000 gold each

[Last picture is all of my characters]

6 thoughts on “Spring Breakuh”

  1. Lol, hey! Welcome back!
    Nice, I heard mabinogi’s not a bad game
    I might even be slightly enchanted to play it!

    what? I didn’t say that? Nope!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  2. How come everyone I see wants black robes and such. It makes me worry that there might be too many emos in the game.

  3. LOLOLOLOL so it isn’t stupid like MS where a Fruit Knife takes up the same amount of space as a Crescent Polearm – 1 inventory space each.

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