KLON 27 Aznrice

KLON Clone radio we play the songs that sound more like everyone else
then anyone else. Clone Clone Clone.
Keep Listening Over Night
Alright ya’ll this is Nobody At Night here at KLON radio. How we feeling
out there?
Lets get things started off
With a song

I don’t want to grow up – Tom Waits if you didnt like the others skip this song
for non- Tom Waits fans The Ramones did a cover of this song


Listen to one of em!

So I got Rainbow 6 vegas 1 because my friend has it, I passed up a sequal for you D! YOU BETTER BE HAPPY!
It is fun as hell online, I enjoy it a lot! By the way, anyone on here have xbox live? If so post your gamertag in the comments please. The live games I own are Halo 3, R6 Vegas, The Orange box, Forza 2, Gears of War, and I think that is it. I used to be on Halo 3 quite often but you will find me on Vegas for a while I think. I was trying to get to 50 with my friend D in doubles but we got distracted by Vegas >< we made it to 44 in doubles though =D
yeah so what else is new?
Oh yeah I wrote a poem for english class, it started out as something completely different but so many people came up to me and were saying
“Alex, I don’t get this assignment”
“Alex, I can’t find the definition”
“Alex, I can’t do it!”
So it became a “TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU!” poem.

Quit whining like a small child with a skinned knee
Suck it up

When things seems bad. . .
They cannot get any better
They cannot get any worse
It is what it is
Not what you wish it were

Cursing the consequences like it was the cure
Shut your mouth
That gaping hole where the harpies scream
As bad as things seem they can’t get better
Can’t get worse
This is the present so deal with it
This is the present so deal with it

Drip drop

From peoples mouths words come falling like rain
Society’s dancing in those pretty puddles of pain

No one cares
If you can’t fix it
If you can’t do it
If you can’t understand it
Tell some one else
I don’t care
Sick of hearing your petty problems
Deal with it on your own
I don’t have the answer
So leave me the hell alone

~Nobody At Night

Thank you if you want to add in some bongo drums for a beatnik feel go for it.


[b]Please tell us about your most recent MMO experience, this is required!
Lying will be accepted and it can be any MMO, this is required for two reasons.
1. This need to be MMO related, and I have not played Maple in a few months, since november to be exact. ( Hey I got a Xbox360 sue me! )
2. So I know which MMO to put this under.[/b]
Well, I’ve ditched Maple for Mabinogi. It’s been a refreshing break from MapleStory, not that I was playing it a lot prior to starting Mabinogi. So far the game’s been great, the first generation’s coming out tomorrow, and I plan to get me some NX eventually (I’m still a NX virgin at the moment =O) to pimp up my character. I don’t plan to subscribe to the mainstream storyline, at least not till I can get a job. Other than that I’ve been working hard on improving my character(s), currently making a lightningcastingmeleetanker.
What is your favorite colour
What is your favorite song?
None in particular, at the moment. My ‘favorite song’ changes from time to time.
What is your favorite game?
Sudoku. That, and Naked Twister.
What is your first name?
Rice. That is a lie.
Favorite MMO tales person?
NobodyNight. ;D
oh you *bats eyelashes*
( that seems very funny to me ^ )
Have you done it?
Would you like to have a party in yer honor? I will start the parade!
Favorite food?
I do like cookies.
Favorite show?
Tie – Simpsons, House.
Favorite video game?
Aaah, Tales of Symphonia? (If you read my fanfics, you’ll start catching the “references&quot
Do you have a significant other?
Do you love me as much as I love myself?
You mean. . .you’re leaving me!? Well it is certainly not me it is totally you.
I will now ask you a set of question from a famous questioner, american television host James Lipton, he adapted it from a French television host and that television host adapted it from a famous french writer.
What is your favorite word?
B.S we both know you and Naz love the word lost.
What is your least favorite word?
Just because we had such a tough breakup is no need for such hatred =(
What sound/ noise do you love?
Wind chimes.
My father has a GIGANTIC black wind chime outside, I call it BIG BEN
what sound or noise do you hate?
What is your favorite curse word?
Sticking my pencil in your pencil sharpener is a euphemism for it.
well put
who would you like to see on a new bank note? (dollar)
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
He’s my favorite US President.
What profession other then own would you least like to try?
Garbage man.
If you were reincarnated as another plant or animal, what would you be?
Falcon, eagle, bleh, any bird of prey.
If heaven exist what do you want God to say to you at the pearly gates?
Do you want fries with that?

Thank you for your time!

Weezer – Undone~ The Sweater Song

Thanks for listening, remember to say how much you LIKED the show, or else I can no longer afford new black berets so I can read poetry at the coffee house while beating on bongos.

P.S: Everyone I interviewed last week [ I know Ipod (random #s here) and peroxide were two of them] your answers disappeared so when you get online PM so I can resend the questions.

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  1. BullSnapz just because we use the word LOST doesn’t mean it’s our favorite word .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. BlackNazgul said: “BullSnapz just because we use the word LOST doesn’t mean it’s our favorite word .

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    We all know it

  3. gujju said: “Losers
    Over using


    For the record, I used ‘lost’ first. *f5*

  4. BlackNazgul said: “And I used it more. But we can share .

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    Indeed. I shan’t deny that.

  5. awwww look it, the writers decided to share their love with one another, it makes me feel all warm and. . .hetrosexual.

  6. Legendary map pack is coming out April 15!
    It looks very very very very very very very very awesome!
    I need to find a way to get Microsoft points. I went to Best buy 4-5 days ago and they didnt have any =(
    Some one help me!

  7. MasterCheeze said: “Hm. I might start reading ARF’s fanfics just to catch the ToS references.”

    112 ToaLW chapters and 56 ToaLP chapters. Get ta work!

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