So I’m at School…

.. and this is about the only Maple-related forum/blog sites they haven’t blocked. (Sorry, I’m too dumb to hack.)
(And this post has nothing to do with Maple.)

So… I’m bored.
Oh, right before now, I was on my school website, looking at the “class discussions” (it’s really a school forum but ‘forum’ equals bad!! Bad!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDD!!) and tada, there was a “class discussion” on favorite games! Had the highest replies I’d ever seen. Anyway, so a semi-semi-flame war had started, between the Maple/MMORG gamers and the Halo/WII nuts. (Kinda funny to read actually. Immature freshmen…)

So you’re asking, “And…?”

There is no “… and”. Aha, just thought I’d mention it. Ha, you thought I was gonna tell a funny/amusing story, weren’t you? You thought this would be a worthwhile MMO tale to read, eh? Ha! Gotcha~~
Ok the reason I’m being so weird right now is I have nothing else to do. SO I’m writing whatever comes to my mind.

I miss the combination of computers+food. At home, I always eat at the computer (“Oh, mom, I have such a hard java project…” *clicks a random mushroom icon*). So I’ve practically trained myself to drool at the sight of computers.. both at the thought of Mapling and of food.
And now I’m sitting in this studious computer lab at my school with no food allowed. And my brain is complaining.
“I needz food! right NOW!!”

Anyway (I’m gonna write ‘anyway’ a lot in this post so get used to it.)
Anyway, I don’t have a favorite food. Of course I have foods I’d rather prefer, but there’s no ONE single food item that appeals especially to me.
And I have a confession: I have NEVER drunk Red Bull (which I hear is an essential for all-night-maplers).
Usually my choice of keep-me-awake-and-nutritioned-enogh-to-go-without-sleep-for-a-whole-week drink is coffee. I likes coffee, although I detest the after-taste if the coffee is bad.
I like milk coffee, normal coffee, brewed, vanilla, mocha, caramel, fraps and caps, actually all types of coffee. I prefer them hot but what would my parents think if they woke up to the sound of the coffee maker in the middle of the night?

I wonder how much I can write before the bell rings.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah….

public class Blah{
public static void main(String[]args){
for (int x=0;x<-1;x++){
System.out.print(“Blah &quot;
Too lazy to write all those blahs
Huh, what else….
Oh yes, the reason for my perfect grammar (well, maybe not perfect. I try to be though.) is because I like it that way. Not just in blogs, I’m also trying to use apostrophes more ig maple. (apostrophes? did I spell that right?)
I used to type like this:
i use t tpe lik dis
But now I actually capitalize ‘I’, EVEN PUT PERIODS ON THE ENDS OF SENTENCES. Amazing, no?

Sometimes I do type in noobzor language to annoy people.
L1K3 D1ssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzz!! 1 4 nUbb a b3g1n3h 5um1z p1z g1m33 m35zArzzssss p10xz 0r i d3f4m3z j0000
13U+ 1t vva5 w3rY h4rD +0 tiyp3 d4t w4i.
Plus, who types like that in the real internet world anyway?

So, on to another topic.
Did you know I crack my knuckles? Ha, probably not. Because, YOU might be on the other side of the world for all I know, and you can’t see me do it every sentence. A lot of ppls tell me cracking your knuckles makes them deformed. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m gonna keep doing it anyway.
oOoooh the bell rang just now. Feels like it’s been an hour since I came into the library. OH WAIT< ITT HAS BEEN!!
lawl whatever. g2g. byes~~~

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  1. *Turns on Gender Recognition program*

    *No match found*

    Gender? I need to add it to my database

    Welcome to MMOTales

  2. deathflow said: “It’s all right. I had some Red Bull once, tasted like piss.”

    I’m sorry, the toilet was occupied. :/

    How do you know? You drank piss before? Eeeee! Burned. lol.

  3. Well, when Gatorade was first invented, it tasted like piss. The taste-tester couldn’t tell the difference.

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