Midnight Blabs.

So it’s 12:33 at night where I am (which is California bay area).
Why am I staying up so late when I’m not even doing homework??

I don’t know. I always do this. I get on the computer meaning to do some homework, end up getting distracted by maple and maple sites like this one, profil3, basil, hidden street, strategi wiki, maple fun and maple tips oh I could name ever so many but I won’t. It’s not like I’m addicted to maple sites or something (LOL I can just see you going LOL at that), I mean what kind of person stays up for hours and hours to blog when they could be playing Maple right? Right.

Anyway. Yes, I do know no one asked me why I stay up for no reason at all. I don’t really care that no one asked me though. Because, someone DID ask me.

You ask who.

ME duh.
Yes even I am bewondered by my own stupidity. I could be playing Maple right now and instead I’m writing this whole paragraph that will poof into nothing come just ONE dc.

So there’s this picture in our house. It’s hung in a light yellowish polished wood frame right above the computer. And in front of the computer is where I am. Therefore, I’m kinda looking at that picture all the time.
Here is a description of the picture, just in case you’re interested. Which, of course, you aren’t. But as I told you before, do I care? I want to say it anyway.

So, the background is kinda yellowish brown. Not a very appealing color. There’s a weird fish drawn on it in the bottom center, kind of with ink. And all around in random places are um, blot thingys that kinda look like some guy got bored and began just scribbling lines with a black pen. or brush. Can’t tell.

Anyway. I don’t know why I wanted to describe the picture. It was an impulse. I have lots of impulses. Do you have lots of impulses? Because I do. Lol, I’m getting repetitive. Wow that sounded weird.

Anyway for what, like the fourth time? Sorry, I wasn’t counting. You can be kind and do that instead for me. Counting I mean. ha.

What else. I realize there is nothing else. That means this blog must end. Crossing my fingers that it won’t dc… and poof up this thing here… …. …

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  1. OMG, ilive in cali, east of bay area, and i do the same thing, 1:57am now, LOL, MAPLE ROX

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