The Spear of Hope ch 6

The Spear of Hope:Chapter 6

“The Sister”

“Man after a good nights sleep, who knew I could feel so alive!” said Crocher after stretching one hundred times. “Hmph! Don’t brag, after all I WAS the one standing guard all night” said Dave who was fixing his claw on his right arm. His eyes had a light purple circles around them. “That’s wierd, because I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept having dreams about the story behind the Spear of Hope” said Ariel who was putting her hair into a ponytail.

The group was getting ready to hit the road again. Suddenly a Subi throwing star hit the ground in front of them.
“Who goes there?” cried Crocher as he slowly reached for his spear, which was resting on the wall of the inn.
“I am here to kill Crocher and WAH!” cried the assassin. A body dropped out of a nerby tree. Crocher dropped his spear and run under the assassin. As she fell above him. He couldn’t help but notice a sharp dagger sticking out in her sock.” I donno if I should catch her,” he thought. “She may try to kill me.” The girl fell into his arms. The recoil knocked him towards the truck of the tree.

The girl looked up at him. Crocher couldn’t hold in his “sexy” gaze to whih he only does to woman. ” She kinda looks like…” he lifted his head up. “Ariel…”
“SISTER!” cried Ariel “What are you doing here?”
“If you MUST know, I was sent here.” she said as she jumped out of Crocher’s arms, he was still grinning at her.
“By Shade to kill you and Crocher.”
Crocher moved over and elbowed Dave. “I thought Shade was a myth” he said. “Me too” replied Dave.
The girl glanced at them as if she heard what they had just said. “Alow me to introduce myself, I am Silver, Assassin of the Wild West.” she smiled at Crocher who was, still grinning at her.
“That’s cool, now that we all know each other, can we train a bit before we go?” asked Dave.
“Yeah good idea” replied Ariel and Crocher in unison.

BUT I’M TRYING TO KILL YOU!” cried Silver. But the group was already down the road.

Slimes were common around this area. Everyone headed towards slimes. While Crocher decided to try something harder…GOLEMS!
He thought he couldn’t take them, he was about to turn back, when he bumped into one of them….

-End of Chapter-

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