Greenie’s bored.

Sup, boys and gals. Or adults.

School has been rather hectic, nothing went according to what I thought it would be like. The piles of homework I get each day is enough to give me a headache. And now, the holidays are here, so I have another pile. I have to start after I finish this blog. Well, to give a rough idea of how school is, it’s okay I guess. However, I really miss Primary school. Secondary school is a big change, and you have to adapt, or die. (Just kidding )

Well, the only thing I’m looking forward to each week, is Physical Education (P.E). That’s pretty much all that I want each week. Well, the other thing I’m looking forward to is Biology. . It’s a pretty ‘interesting’ subject, as that’s how Repty put it. Basically, its a subject explaining about animal bodies. And you have to cut up LIVE animals, to see how their organs work. You cut up rabbits, frogs or mice. It’s disgusting but yeah. And the best part is, we get to study the human body. -cough- It’ll be entertaining, and I’m sure my class (Having all those dirty people, counting me in) would make LOTS of noise. However, I don’t find the big deal of that.. Well, most of us already know what it consists of. That’s basic knowledge. We have books in the library about this kind of ‘Sex education’.. We can just read up on it. Or like what Repty did, search Wikipedia.

However, I would not encourage that. As the results.. are not-so-good. Repty learnt a good lesson there. Didn’t ya? >D.

Well, Maple Story. Brings back pleasant memories? Probably. But well, I finally managed to level myself to 58. Applause please. -Bloody eyes locks on to the people reading the blog- As I’m more of those ‘slacking’ type, I hate training, and thus, hardly train. It’s definitely a Majestic accomplishment to get my butt to lvl 58. For that, I deserve a clap. Put your hands together for Greenie~ (Lol)

Hm. Where do I start. Well, lots of thing basically happened over these few months. One of the more ‘Funny’ experiences was when Repty and I were using our noob thieves to kill snails at Henesys Hunting Ground 1. It was fun, I guess. We did that for over a hour, mumbling sarcastic comments at the monsters. Before long, an archer entered the map, upon seeing the Orange Mushroom NPC there, he shot arrows at it. Then f6-ed.

‘Hey, this orange mushroom’s a npc!’ He typed.

‘Took you long enough to find out, Genius.’ I responded sarcastically.

He seemingly ignored that comment and went to kill snails. I was minding my own business until I jumped off the slime platform onto the snail platform, and started assassinating snails that caught my eye.

Exp List

10% – Slimes

15% – Orange mushrooms

25% – Snails

48% – Green mushrooms

80% – Orange mushrooms

95% – Snails

So the 95% part was when I assassinated the snails for a bounty of… 8 mesos. Later, the archer shot a volley of arrows at a snail that I was killing. And then, he complained that I was KS-ing him. This is the following ‘friendly’ conversation we had.

Him – Why did you KS me, noob.

Me – I did not.

Him – Don’t give me these bull****. You ksed me you ****er. -Goes on rambling vulgarities-

I ignored him and gave him a f3. I continued torturing the small snails. However, at my 2nd snail, a arrow sped through the air, and killed the snail.

Me – What the hell is your problem.

Him – You’re KS-ing me, you idiot. -Another string of vulgarities-

Repty stepped in. And he went on to say how he has a high level account and can uberly pwn us with his account. I shot comments whenever I can and these went on for a while. But later, either he couldn’t take the heat, felt that it was hard to outalk me, or whatever, he left the map, but not before saying that he would bring his main over and ks us till we admit defeat. I snorted upon seeing that statement.

And I was right. He never turned up. I waiting for 1 hour, but no ‘Pro’ people came through the portal. In fact, nobody came to the map. So well.. these immature people.. -Shakes head-

After that, I logged back into my Spearman, (BoyzWar) and went to the free market. I bought a Pink Adventurer Cape, and scrolled it with 5 60%. 4 Passed. I ended up with a 3 WA 8 str cape.

Then, I made my way to OPQ.

Getting into the PQ was easy enough, however, inside the PQ was a totally different thing. My party was annoyed, we were waiting for a guy to stop AFK-ing in the sealed room. Later, our leader went out to check on him. He was dead, killed by boogies. Another guy said he’d go and do the dungeon thingy since we couldn’t complete it. Without waiting for a reply, he jumped in, and a few minutes later, he left the party. I mapped him, he was outside. He died. Irritated beyond words, we went out, got 2 new members, and the leader spam clicked on the fat greedy elf blocking the entrance but he won’t budge. He was sleeping like a Snorlax.

Apparently, we missed. The guy who died in the dungeon went in with his new party. He was the leader. However, a few minutes later, they came out and we went in. After exchanging a few words with one of the person in his party, I found out that the dungeon guy died in the dungeon, AGAIN.

It was way smoother this time. We managed to complete every stage in slightly less than 40 minutes. We went into the boss stage, and after killing a few of those irritating spitting nependeaths, we got the seed and planted it. A disgustingly black nependeath grew out of the fertile soil. It was impaled on my Green Ski. Though I wasn’t sure how that happened, I bellowed my victory. (Lol)

‘Here comes Papa Pixie’

I jumped down, unexpectedly landing on Papa Pixie, wasting 1 of my unagi.

After a few minutes of whacking it, Papa Pixie turned into another ‘even stranger seed’ . However, during the process of impaling the fat body of it on my spear, a cleric died. His magic guard went off. And Papa Pixie Body-slammed him. So he couldn’t escape Death God’s clutches this time. He spammed my chat box with vulgarities. I ignored them. After we went to the bonus stage, I collected a bounty of… a thousand, seven hundred and twenty five mesos. I think that was why Papa Pixie didn’t have anybody called Mama Pixie, he was only worth a thousand, seven hundred and twenty five mesos. Who would marry him? Besides, all monsters are A-Sexual.

My reward was… 100 white potion. Gee thanks, Papa pixie. My Green Ski’s bent because of your enormously overweight body and all I get is.. 100 white potion. I love you, Papa Pixie. </3.

That pretty summed up my Maple day over those few boring months.

This is from a request from my english teacher, to brush up on my english writing. It’s getting rusty. So, I promised her.

The Case

The looming clouds gathered in the sky, heavy and angry. Thunder rumbled in deep growls, threatening to let down all the water the clouds contained. Kaze inspected the gory body with disgust. This was the fifth case this month, and the deaths are getting gorier and gorier. The blow, by dagger or spear, left a deep cut through the body’s head. There was another huge hole in the stomach, evidence that a blunt weapon went through it. The body was covered in bruises, and the leg was dismembered from the rest of the body. Kaze grimaced, then stood up. The rest of the officers looked at him for any orders.

Kaze shook his head, then told them to take the body back to the base for inspection. However, chances were slim that he could gain anything from this body, it had already started raining, and the blood was being washed off.

The few victims were members of a Guild called ‘BlackDeath’ and their leader is a notorious criminal, and well-known assassin in these areas. Krest was his name, and unfortuanately, he was Kaze’s brother. Kaze therefore, was a good aim for people whose loved ones were killed by Krest.

Being genetically modified by a failed experiment, Krest and Kaze have been granted incredible agility and speed, not forgetting reflexes. Krest had went missing after a head to head battle with their enemies, HolyAngels. BlackDeath won, thanks to Krest’s speed. All the members of HolyAngels’ were wiped out, except for the leader, who escaped to a secret sanctuary to recuperate. During these years, he trained as hard as he could, training beyond any human limitations, just to kill Krest, and reform HolyAngels, bringing the Guild up to its formal glory.

Hawe gasped with pain as the claw hit him on the forehead, sending him flying. In another split second, he saw a sword protruding from his chest before the wave of pain engulfed him. Death covered him like a soft blanket. The corpse trembled for a while, then all was still. Another victim was claimed.

Zach marvelled at how his skills has improved over the few years. However much the deaths sickened him, it was his revenge. His revenge against Krest for eliminating all of his members. Tears fell to the ground, and Zach recalled how he had spent his time with them, how he enjoyed those moments. All ruined, in a few moment. Krest killed all of them.

Zach fell to his knees, crying and lamenting out to the sky. Those moments, all gone. In a split second. He couldn’t do anything to help. He was helpless as he saw them being killed, or tortured even. He was stunned, unable to move. But now.. Things would change. Zach nodded, and was determined to keep that outlook. He stood up, and wiped away his tears.

‘Krest. I’ld eliminate you. Even if it means death for me.’ Zach vowed, his voice as soft as a raspy whisper.


Hope you didn’t die of boredom.

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  1. Reminds me of today when me,a bishop,and some other guy were talking and some mage comes and says, . . “I HAVE A LVL 231”

    Boy did we laugh.

    Me-“Try picking a lvl under lvl 150”
    Bishop guy- “Haha I don’t belive this”
    lvl 231 guy- “Guys it’s true he’s in Sleepy”
    Me- “Y’all wanna go there?”
    Bishop guy-“Yeah let’s.”
    lvl 231 guy- *runs away*

    Oh and gratz on teh 58!


  2. Gratz. And I uberly OWN you ^^. You don’t have time to play eh? Ahahaha.


    Mine’s already 70 >D

  3. Talk about who have no life eh.

    You 1, Slacks like crazy, surfs the net.

    2. Eh, I dunno.


  4. Nassanei said: “Who doesn’t surf the net nowadays


    Exaclty my point!

  5. Well, its basically Grasna

    Then people liked calling me that.

    So i just call myself Greenie.

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