Singles Awareness Day.[SAD]+MS.

Hey guys!~
Sorry ’bout the bolding… I just like to BOLD important words. XD gomen. Anyway, as jooh know, today’s Valentine’s Day, so…. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!~ <333333 Uhm, for meh it’s a normal day… as always. I think that V-Day… is kinda lame, ’cause MANY,MANY people wait till this “special” day to propose someone. Why WAIT that long?.Having someone jooh love so much with jooh, VALENTINE’S DAY should be EVERY DAY. >=O. LOVE. And yah, is also the Singles Awareness Day.[including.meh<3].WAIT.Like… when I finished downloading the new Patch, SOOOOO MANY SMEGAS!!!!. HAPPY V-DAY WINDIA!-HAPPY V-DAY ——– ILYSM!!<3″“. LOL. I’M NOT AGAINST IT. <3. It gets annoying. >x<;.’Cause I can’t even read what my guild/buds are saying, or even what I type. O.O;;;; Well, it’s lovely to know that people out there LOVE each other, I agree. <3 . But… the spam ish too much. XDD. HOLD.ON. Don’t think that I’m saying all these things just because I’m single. FALSE. the word ish ANNOYING, that’s all, I’m not blaming anyone. o.o.Well, in the other hand, I think that this day is also special. <3. ’cause, If someone proposes jooh today or the next Valentine’s Day[w/e], is definitely LOVELY/ROMANTIC. It’s like… the perfect date February 14th. <3. Yah, LOVE ish in the air. XD. And so, it only happens once a year…HAVE FUN!.So, in MY opinion, it has it’s bad and good side. <3.

Anyway, did jooh guys check the 2x exp/drop limited ticket?. o.o. I’m so pissed off… ’cause I forgot that it was sold from 2pm till 6pm.DANG.Yah… I missed it. I was going to buy one. DX wayyy toooo cheap. 2k.NX. DX. Well… I think that NEXON should give some 2x exp for EVERYONE. I mean, for non-nx users TOO. ’cause, we ALL play MS. o.O.and it pisses meh off even more, knowing that NEXON can’t fix the dam glitches. Okay… okay… And I missed my friends wedding…. =.=”. OH YAH! WEDDINGS!!. MANY,MANY maplers chose this day to get married… it was like a WEDDING SPAM. O.O. LOOOOOOOOL. Did jooh guys see that?. That was so freaking AWESOME.No, I mean… how NEXON gets RICH. XD. ROFL. jk. Nexon ish fine, I guess…. O.O;;. [?]. Ahhhhhhhhh. HAPPY VALENTINE’S AGAIN!~~ Hope y’all enjoyed this day!!. <3333
How was yer Valentine’s Day?.


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