Scrolling till death.

So, I was.. euhm playing Maple. My friend was doing some FM shopping and he bought three scrolls. I think one or more were dark ones, then he was going to buy an icarus cape to scroll it, when he realized that he had no more mesos. XD
Later on, I remembered that my mule had one from a quest I did a long time ago. So yah, I gave it to him.. and.. guess what?. Yah.EPIC PHAILURE. LOOOOL. lololol~~. Every single scroll FAILED. Dx . and the last one made my cape DIE. DIE. DIE. ROFL… Well, my cape had Avoid ability +15. o.o LMAO. My friend KILLED my cape. XDD
Anyway, he spent like… 9m for those scrolls… and I lost my cape. XD Bleh. ish.k though.
Ahhhh. By the way, every time I find spot at voodoos for my training, some bishes [sorry] come in and say “OUT!”,I’m like “WADAFOX!?”, then, the other day.. this guy tells meh.. “I was in CS”. >x<;; Augh.. annoying. Oh yah, ’bout the bish thingie, there was this day when I was afk at zmm. When I came back I saw that someone called meh a “bish”. >__>; And I didn’t do anything. O.O” ROFL, I just went to zmm and afk-ed for a sec. O.O; BISH. ROFL.~~
I just hate when people say things when they don’t even have the right reason to say so, I know that some do. <3
Ahhhh. Oh yah, I wanted to ask which key in a laptop ish for screenish?. 8D [yah.noob.i’ve.never.used.a.laptop.for.MS] kthnx. <33


6 thoughts on “Scrolling till death.”

  1. LOL One time my friend bought like 40mil worth of dark scrolls (30%) AND HE BLEW UP ALL OF THE ITEMS HE SCROLLED

    Ohhhh boy, you should of seen his face that day.

    My laptop doesn’t belive in SS so it doesn’t let me take them.


  2. Should be still scroll lock. Check out if you have the scroll lock button somewhere, or as a function key (where you have to hold down the ‘Fn’ key somewhere next to the Windows button and hit the other key which will have scroll lock written in the same colour as your ‘Fn’ key).

    And. . . BBCODE abusing much? XD

  3. sorry, reading bold is against my religion,
    lol, that reminds me, the funniest thing happened at school today, but I choose not to tell you people!

    (Yes I am MeNtAl)

  4. ROFL.
    I didn’t know that BOLDING was going to hurt peoples eyes. o.o
    XD gomen. Thanks for the comments and the help wif ss. <3

    @SilverFx; Yah, kinda abusing.


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