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Oh well… ‘KS’. Remember that one time when the new patch was released I think, and for loads of reasons many maplers got banned right?. I don’t know if that’s still happening, but Nexon said that ‘ks-ing’ equal; banned. Well, I know many people likes to ks others. XD Anyway… the thing is that yesterday, I was enjoying my training at Hoodoos when suddenly this guy ‘ldonttaik’ [as.seen.on.my.ss] came and for NO REASON started KS-ING me. Ok then.. I nicely asked him to leave ’cause DOH i was training and I was there first. But NO!, this guy said ‘I don’t wanna walk again’… later on, he said… ‘I like to ks’, oh well… too bad if you get banned. WELL!, he said that he needed 9% more to level, OH YAH!, I need like 90% to lv up!! at least he could have shared the same map with me, BUT NO!, it was impossible, since he was KS-ING me. He was lv 70, and yes, he was stronger than me, and I don’t care if people call me weak, AND YES! maybe I have too much LUCK. ROFL, it’s ok for me. :3 That’s why I’m training. GEEZ!. Then, my ‘MS.bf’ came… and GOD.DAMMIT. o.o They all started FIGHTING. LOL. y’know.. I dislike MS fights. Like… nonsense, kinda like…real life. LOL, but anyway.. then this guy ‘ldonttaik’ started to be racist and of course, bad words. ROFL, and my sis was next to me reading everything and pissed off too with this guy. =w=’, TOO BAD if you are reading this. >

Well, well… after all this shiet [D:] we left. Hahaha, and guess what?, I found his gf outside and she ended up apologizing for him, and I was like ‘waddafook!?’, ’cause the one who should be apologizing is her bf, not her!. Then she started saying that I was being selfish not sharing the map, but DOH!!!!!, how am I suppose to share the map when I’m not even killing and someone is there ks?!?!?. And of course, she couldn’t feel the same shiet as me, it’s like, when you are trying to train and POOF! someone comes and starts ks-ing you for no reason and won’t listen to you!. [lame]. But after all, she was OF COURSE, NICER than her own bf… and LOL, she said that her bf acts like that when she’s not with him… [pretty.lame,is he still a kid who needs someone to tell him what to do and what NOT to do?. D:<]. Well, I feel bad for her, since she’s a NICE person and he’s… – [you.can.do.better].

Ok… just hold on. I’m just writing what I feel… it’s just that nowadays, people and kids are not respecting others. D: If you think I’m being bad, SORRY, ’cause I’m not.. I write my thoughts, and well, let’s see if you where in my place?. And YES!, maybe there where other rooms available, but why should I move to waste my time and give the room I found to someone who ks’s me?. Then, what benefits do I get?…
Ok, I’m tired of writing all this crap. XDD AND YAYS!!!, I leveled again!! :3 lol, today… ’cause yesterday I died… [distracted], and so, I was looking for a map at Hoodos/Voodoos, but FULL. So I gained my 15% at Gryphons and leveled. >:] So, I guess this is the end of my blog for today… <3


[!] Thanks to ALL the people who always fave. my blogs and leave comments! that gives me even MORE enthusiasm to write. Ily.guys~~ <3

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