First MMO Tales?.

I joined MMO Tales. [DOH!].It seems to be fun.
Anyway,the only MMO I play is Maple Story.
I also downloaded Audition, but euhm, it’s only to kill time. >x<
But I don’t play that, lawl, I’m lv 6. O.O [yah.lame].
So, to make things more interesting, lemme tell jooh who am I.
The name ish Nenny.
16 teenager.
Wear glasses.
Not nerd.
ahhhhhhhh. >>> link
That’s faster. LOOL.
So,If this blog sucks.. I’m not coming back. NAW. jk.
I’ll try my best to keep my blogs interesting… for now, hat’s an introduction ’bout meh.
Btw,I play in Windia. o.o
Euhm, I’m currently on vacation in Los Angeles.
Kays, here comes something random, since I can’t post it on Basil yet. XD
Have jooh guys ever wondered how dirty ish yer keyboard?. O.O;;
Well, specially for those who CAN eat while using yer PC. [no.offense <3]
‘Cause some people can’t.
I was just wondering… ’cause, the other day… I saw ants coming out from my keyboard.
Yah. GROSS. but that’s the TRUTH. >//<!
Anyway… I had a really HARD time. XD trying to kill them all.ick.~~
Tsk, and the next day.. loads of ants where dead. O.o ehhh.
LOOOL. I know that jooh are looking inside yer keyboard A’IGHT NAO.
XDD. jk. <3 [maybe.joo’re]
So, I wanted to share that at the moment. XDDDD.
What do jooh think?.


EDIT; Forgot to tell jooh. o.o
My keyboard is now dead, those ants ate my up arrow key and the shift buttoms. O.O;;;;;;;
ROFL. and THANK YOU guys for comments!~ <333333

10 thoughts on “First MMO Tales?.”

    I have a plastic cover thingy on top so its all good ;] hahaa.
    Anyway welcome to mmotalees! I’m new here tooo ^^

    <3 Stephy

  2. I eat cupcakes while using the computer O.o

    Welcome to MMOT!

    Keyboard is clean as a. . . . Operating room?


  3. ROFL. Nice.
    My keyboard, uuhh. for the first time in my whole life, i saw ants coming out from my keyboard.
    Creepy. The craziest thing, is that my mom told meh that if was because it’s raining season. O.O;;;;
    Eehh, LOOOLOLOL. I don’t get it. XD but anyway. <3


  4. Omg. I eat all the time around my keybboard. One time i was eating pizza, and some of the sauce dripped onto it. And i got in big trouble. Lol

    Anyways, welcome to MMOT.

  5. You da smexy thang. I’d tap you. lololololololololol. (Don’t take me seriously pl0x.)

    Now, that that’s settled.


  6. Welcome to MMOTales! I am The Nazgul, the resident fanfic writer. Enjoy your stay!

    -=The Nazgul=-

  7. Dest1 said: “I once shook my keyboard upside down and abunch of eyecrud and dust fell out D:”

    O.o. . . . Really?


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