So I herd you had problems wif ur Vista

I downloaded MapleStory I couple of days ago.

All was well untill.




Click Maple.

Wash and repeat.

I was like “O.o nonononono Not my Vista!.”

I you can see I took some pictures while I was online!

My guildmate and I were discussing why there are some many people unactive all of a sudden.

He blamed private servers.

I agreed.

Now I know alot of you folks play PS(s)

But liek come on.

In my mind ish like a simulator.

I mean mah friend got to 120 in like 2 days.

Where’s teh fun?

Teh Fun?

The Fun?

I have lost alot alot aloooottt of friends because of Private Servers.

That is why…. I HATE THEM!




Like my “friend” who I met on Maple Island. Goes away for like 2 1/2 freakin’ months, then one fine day, HE COMES

BACK! I was like “=D”

FIRST (i’m serious) THING HE TELLS ME! “Play SMS man” Not even a “Hello! How ya doin’?” Not even a “lolWut lvl are


Pissed me off soooo much! I didn’t even care about what he said after.


Does anyone know any tips/advice about gettin’ Maple to work on a Vista?

System req. list?

I already did the compat. switch to Windows XP, but it still freezes and stuff.



15 thoughts on “So I herd you had problems wif ur Vista”

  1. There’s tons of fun. You have no idea until you try it.

    Besides, Nexon is a gigantic douchebag. Like hell I’ll ever be playing GMS again.

  2. Lol, omg, I can’t believe I didn’t realize it before
    But my b-list has dwindled down a lot too and I’m willing to bet it’s cause of these servers!
    *kills P-servers*

  3. Every blog for awhile is going to find some way to be about private servers, isn’t it? We need some more copypasta to deal with it.

    Here goes:

    Private servers are illegal, yes. They are wrong, they are stealing, they are able to be sued. Yes.
    But they are a game. They are not a grind-fest.
    When I played SMS, I never felt pressured to level. Never felt bored by it.
    When I played SMS, I never was kill stolen. Never had to deal with any ‘noobs.’
    When I played SMS, I had everything I wanted. If I needed anything, I could get it.
    When I played SMS, I had fun. I did things how I wanted.
    And now Nexon’s saying I can’t.
    Who’s the bad guy again?

  4. lazydame said: ” But my b-list has dwindled down a lot too and I’m willing to bet it’s cause of these servers!
    *kills P-servers*”


    I’ve seen what they are like, so I kinda know what most of them are about.

    Doesn’t even look close to being fun to me.

    Thank you for sue(ing?) Nexon
    EDITZ: So what? You think MapleStory’s all about Grinding? And if you had everthing you wanted, how would you

    for example, set a goal for yourself, if you can get there in a matter of hours?

  5. I hope Nexon loses. Hardcore. SMS never made any profits. They never took any money. Maybe they got donations, but otherwise, they never got any money, from what I know.

  6. They did get donations, but those weren’t required to fully enjoy the game.

    2x EXP? Super megaphones? Gachapon? Heck, I’ve been KSed in GMS for not having NX clothing.
    Explain to me how you’re supposed to enjoy GMS without being required to pay for it?

  7. Seems that pservers are another of those controversial things. . . no gray areas, just black and white. o.o

  8. Nassanei, I played that server for around a month. And within the space of that month, I accomplished things I was never able to do in global maple story. It never felt like a chore to level up, never felt like an obligation to set a goal.

    It was liberating. That’s the kind of game I want to play. I don’t know about you.

  9. Aurida said: ” Explain to me how you’re supposed to enjoy GMS without being required to pay for it?”

    My brother ( I won’t say me since I did buy NX) never bought NX in his entire life. He’s having the time of his life. He met people who maybe bought NX.

    But the point is, when I see him log on to Maple, he smiles when he sees certain people online.

    Does that sound like he’s liking Maple for being a GAME, not a “grind-fest”


  10. I think the main deal about P-servers is that you arent the whole “buy this, buy that” thing. How is it fair that players with money get to buy double experience cards, while everyone else grinds for hours. On P-servers, everyone is equal. Money doesn’t make the man. That man make the man, and you the man.

  11. What level is he, by the way? Anything before, say, 75 doesn’t count anymore. LMPQ and MCPQ make those levels too easy to be a grind-fest. It’s a joke.
    If they had PQs for every level above that- alternate solutions to grinding- I wouldn’t be here complaining. I’d be doing them.

    But they don’t.

    Having to kill the same zombie literally 17,000 times in order to level? Hm.

    The only thing that kept me in global maple story were the people. My friends and guildmates were the one thing I regretted leaving behind when I went to better things.

  12. And then you join a PS and end up saying “Yeah lol, I have like 3 lvl 130’s on a private server. Haha it’s like a billion times EXP/Drop?”

    How is it fair that you had SUCH a boost, while the guy next to you had 4 hours of 2x Exp?


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