OMG level 60!

After months of training I reached my last 10 lvls of 2nd job.
It was wierd because for some reason I was stuck on 58 for a long time. But this weekend I started training again
I also started my own guild with my bro, it’s called “Oasis.” We took out a dictionary and opened it to random pages and asked the party which they liked best. The only ones I remember were: Paradise,Nonsense,Oasis and Cells.
So we had I peacefull vote and Oasis came out the winner. It’s going good too, everyone is still active. And, still nice….I guess.


Oh yeah I had my mid terms last week…..I passed them all *phew* well…except math (57%) But the teacher said my overall is 78. So i’m still happy.

I’m out lvling most of my friends….Besides one, who’s a Chief Bandit already. . . I can still catch up maybe….He’s lvl 71 I’m lvl 60.

I guess that’s it.


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