Nibiru 2012 A.D. The End? [Chapter 2]

December 21st Omega Sector

Dennis looked out of a window. “Yeah I guess so. Anyway the people you are about to meet. Will be part of your crew”
He said pullng open a door. “Intro time! This is Tom.” A man in his 30’s walked in “AW WHAT THE F*** DOC! YOU SAID THERE WOULD A WOMAN!” He turned and looked at Mike. “He’s just a kid.” Dennis laughed “Whatever Tom. This is Chris.” A male in his late-teens walked in. “Pleased to meet you.” He bowed. “Wow. A goody-two shoes” Tom laughed. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” yelled Chris. Mike had trouble to hide his laughter. lol. He thought.
“And errr the last ‘person’ is a computer really. His name in Bob.” A computer rolled in. “Hai, I’m Boob. Oops typo. Bob.”
“HAHAHA!” Laughed Tom “WHAT IS HE WINDOWS 98?” Bob drew a sad face on the screen “No,” he typed. “I’m a XP Home Edition.” Mike popped in a floppy disk. A file called “Mike’s ‘Relief’ videos” popped up. “Bob, I think me and you will be good friends.” He said pressing the eject button. Nothing came out. “Let me see it.” Bob beeped and buzzed. “OH MY LAWD IT’S A POR- Mike shut him off. Chris looked at his teamates “Um, are we all set?” He asked.”Yup, let’s go.” Mike replied. The group walked down a hallway. And into a space shuttle. “Hey, didn’t we forget someone?” Mike asked.
“Yeah, we forgot to bring Bob.” Tom replied. When Mike turned on the shuttle, Bob’s voice came through the computer . “I am here. Oh yeah and, I transfered your ‘files’ Capitan Mike.” A disk came out. “Wow” said Tom “Who woulda thunk that a computer that’s over 9000 years old, would respond so fast.” They all laughed – Well, Bob said LOL.

“Okay guys turn on the engines.” Dennis’s voice crackled through a intercom. Mike looked at Chris “Could you do that for me?” He asked. Chris reached over and pressed a button. “Here we go!” cried Mike.

Chris closed his eyes. Just WAIT until the G-force kicks in.

Mike checked his seat belt. I just wanna end this fast..

Tom’s eyes shot open “OH CRAP! I GOTTA PEE!”

Bob typed out “Lulz too late for that!”

“lol. Ownt.” Mike said. “WILL YOU PEOPLE SHUT UP!” Chris yelled. “NO U” typed out Bob. “NO U!”copied Tom.


Everyone accept Bob, flew back into their seats. “Leaving the Atmosphere!” Mike flipped a switch. They entered orbit. They all – accept Bob, looked out a window. “Holy sh*t that’s big.” Tom stared in awe. “We’ll be leaving tomorrow.” Chris said. “Everyone should get some sleep.” He pulled out a pillow from under his seat, and closed his eyes. Tom jumped out of his seat “Hell no! I can fly! Why would I pass this up?” He did two flips before falling asleep. Bob typed out “lol. Whata noob.” Mike laughed and closed his eyes “No youuuuuu…” He drifted off to sleep.

December 22nd Some where over The Maple World

Mike shot open his eyes “It’s time!” He woke up everyone. They strapped on their space suits. And leaped outside. “Activate your rear boosters” Chris said. Mike and Tom looked at each other “LOL YOU WANT US TO FART?” they said. Chris shook his head and floated away. As they got closer to the planet, it looked bigger that than in the pictures. “Uh-oh! Trouble.” Tom said turning his head. Mike and Chris turned. Two big space ships were blasted towards them. “Something tells me they aren’t human..” Chris said. A plasma beam zoomed pass them. “Ahhh sh*t.” Mike said.

~End of chapter~
[Lulz. Yeah it’s short I know. Any character apps. Will now be people from the base in Omega OR the Aliens. Name,Age plx]
EDIT:Jus to remember:
Name : Jon
Age: 18

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