"I’m sorry but."

All right do you ever wander around a busy map then some girl (A guy if you are a girl) will come up to you and say:
“Can I be your GF?” or” please be my GF?” even “wanna park your car in mushroom houses?” ok the last part wasn’t true, no one really said that but you get my picture. Honestly, I don’t believe in online relationship, I think they’re just some marketing ploy that the company can smooch off. I mean just wait until you ACTUALLY get married. It won’t be as fun. If you’re trying to ask, well…. “i’m sorry but I don’t believe in online relationships.”

3 thoughts on “"I’m sorry but."”

  1. lol.

    im cool with online relationships but ive never married opr anything. thats just for maple i get into real relationships with connotations on real okay F3


  2. I’m not into that either. But you can do APQ if you’re married.


    And yes, that happens to me all the time. If only they would stop and look at my character info where it has the PINK heart. >.o

  3. *shrug*

    I have no clear opinion on it now. :X Maybe I’ll come back to you in another couple of months.

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