Whoa. It has been long, ne?

Weeeellll. It’s about time for me to be moseyin’ on outta here.

As in, I finally did it!


For good!

No more Broa, SMP’s, spamming of selling mesos, 9 year old illiterate drama, guild drama, people who can’t speak English, NPCs who can’t speak correct English, being tied to the NX cash trap…


It basically went like this:

1. Get banned from the computer again.
2. Break up with your significant other and be sad for 2 weeks, in which time you mope around and don’t touch the game.
3. Get back on the game and find th eone thing left that tied you to the game, your guild, has given up on your return and left to make a “remake” of your guild, which you did not allow them to use the original name in.
4. Give out your e-mail and AIM to everyone left… then choose an adequate grave site! (I chose the Wolf Territories, buried with the lycans and werewolves. It was a close tie with the palm tree secret map on Florina Beach… but I decided family over my relaxation spot.)

And, there you have it! No more of that leeching, brain-sucking game of doom… aah. I’m free. So beautifully free from the drama. Well, that doesn’t include the plea for me to come back every once in a while, BUT ANYWAY…

The quitting of Maple leaves me with no choice but to end the terrible twosome of “As the Wolf Bites My Heels” and “Lupine Dawn”. Sorry. But none of you really care.

Moving on, though.

P.S: No, I WILL NOT give away my account. I’m one of those people who hates beggars and will not give away what I worked so hard to earn to some greedy little idiot who won’t treat it in high respect like I would. Besides… Clyde is MINE. And also, I’m still using it. For this.


That’s right. The one good game Nexon sponsors. Mabinogi, the game of life. (Not the game of Life, as in the board game. I hate that game. >.&gt

Fishing! Tailoring! Healing! Magic! Combat! Part-Time Jobs! Server-wide plot lines per generation! New races that will be coming in 5 or so generations! Real, fun to do quests! Dungeons that don’t suck! Being able to be revived with the famous -cough-Final Fantasy Phoenix Downs-cough- Phoenix Feathers! 36 minutes being equal to one in game day with LIGHT CHANGES AND WEATHER! AGING! EATING! FIRES! MUSIC PLAYING! PETS THAT ARE PERMANENTLY YOURS AND WON’T POOF AFTER YOU BUY THEM WITH NX CASH! The ability to REMAKE YOUR CHARACTER for like… $5!

Sounds too good to be true?!?


-smacked with a wet noodle-

I must say, I freaking LOVE THIS GAME. Along with the decent graphics and FlyFF style battling (click on the enemy, put it on automatic attack or manual {manual is more fun when you’re into the game and want to feel like you’re fighting, automatic is for people like me who want faster battles with less work}, and then kill that thing!), you get to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. Pretty much.

Unlike other MMORPGs that involve fighting monsters, fighting isn’t the only way to survive. Puttering about towns, doing part-time jobs, earns you exp and money. Find a few people who are willing to start a camp fire. You can share the food you eat while sitting around the fire, listening to someone strum a tune (most often a song from very famous animes and games like Final Fantasy and Clannad and TMoHS and POTC and Naruto and…) and talking about your favorite shows, past stories, your amazing battles, how you beat the gigantic white wolf with one shot of your smash skill back at level 56 before you rebirthed… whatever you want to do!

My favorite part about this game is that there are virtually no classes, and that power is mostly based on skills, not levels. You get every skill if you poke around NPC’s with enough key words, ranging from stereotypical warrior moves like “Smash” and “Counterattack” to magical arts such as “Ice Spear” and “Firebolt” to classic archer battle, which requires the “Ranged Attack” skill and comes with the powerful “Magnum Shot” move. Of course, you have the life skills such as fishing (you can go AFK for hours while fishing and come back with an inventory full of items), tailoring (making major armor sets sells for TONS of cash…), cooking (4-5 star foods earn you a ton of gold), resting, herbalism, potion making, first aid, instrument playing, music composing… the list goes on!

Your level only determines your base stats such as strength, will, luck, mana points, hit point, stamina points, intelligence, what have you. You also don’t get to manually distribute these, the game does it for you when you level. You do, however, get AP to distribute, which you use to power up your skills. They go in order in these ranks:

1. Novice
2. Rank F
3. Rank E
4. Rank D
5. Rank C
6. Rank B
7. Rank A
8. Rank 9
9. Rank 8
10. Rank 7
11. Rank 6
12. Rank 5
13. Rank 4
14. Rank 3
15. Rank 2
16. Rank 1

At rank 1 (which of course takes a TON of AP to get to), you get the title of master for whatever skill that is. Titles are little things that go after your name that show an accomplishment you’ve had, and they also add stats. For example, my name is Alvaris, my title is ‘the Reborn’. So my name would read “Alvaris the Reborn”. It adds +6 to every base stat excluding mana, stamina, and hit points.

The monsters that you attack are also ranked based on your skills – for example, a level 12 player who has normal AP for that level as opposed to a level 12 player who has rebirthed from, say, level 20 and kept all their previous skills would die against the boss of Ciar Dungeon, a small golem. Why? Because the normal level 12 has normal AP in their skills, while the reborn level 12 has the AP from their previous levels AND the AP they got from getting to level 12 again.

So, really, this game is just superior to Maple in so many ways.

Whew! That’s a lot to say. I guess I’ll end the blog here, seeing as it’s more like an advertisement than anything else.

But, seriously. Play Mabinogi. D:

If you wanna contact me, I’m ‘Alvaris’, level 21 (accumulated 48 levels in total, but I rebirthed at 27), age 11 (for now), Ruairi server. I’m a 79% warrior/20% mage/.5% archer/.5% normal denizen of Erinn. Feel free to add me… I’ll take you dungeon running some time~

Until later, Happy Mapling!

Er, I mean…

Until later, Happy Mabinogi…ing!


8 thoughts on “Whoa. It has been long, ne?”

  1. What if you got to like level 100, rebirthed, then got to 100 again, and finally rebirthed again? Will you be really strong?

  2. MassaCheeze, I have no idea. I don’t even think you can GET to 100. But I dunno if there’s a level cap.

    But, really, if you did get those 300 levels, you’d probably be able to get all your combat skills to rank 1 and then go work on your life skills. So yeah, you’d be the strongest player in the game.

    However, some skills take like 7 AP in the lower ranks (like going from combat mastery rank C to rank B) so maybe you wouldn’t be able to get it all to rank 1 in 300 levels. . . hm. . .

  3. So many mabinogi advertisements on MMOT!
    I would probably try it out but my computer is crappy anyway!
    Seems like a cool game though
    Nice blog and good flow!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  4. Wow, unfortunately, everyone plays in Tarlach D:

    Add me on your buddy list!

    (I play a female character even thought I’m not a female. I just did it for fun xP)

    Oprahwinfrey in Tarlach lvl 22

  5. Congratulations on quitting MapleStory!

    Wee, Mabinogi, yay. Add me, I’m like, the only other Ruairian here. IGN is Rift.

  6. I was surprised by Mabinogi. I thought it was just going to be like every other RPG out there, but I definitely got smacked in the face with that assumption! Hopefully you play in Mari, if so add NeoSally

    Oh and gratz on killing the demon troll (Maple Story). I’ve just gotten back into it and it’s just not the same as it used to be plus training is just a vicious cycle! Anyways, hope to see you in Mabi sometime

  7. Oh boy. So I just READ your last paragraph explaining your char and location, feel free to smack me upside my head!
    -takes a note on HOW to read a damn blog- Haha

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