Apostle’s Creed; Chapter Four

First chapter in two weeks! (It took long because I was unmotivated, and I was developing later plot) I bid welcome to BlackNazgul and ipod123432, who has joined the main protagonists ranks, and got recruited by the Apostles. For those who truly desire to be recruited, message me please, it would be an honor to accept you. XD now the introduction story arc will be over, and then real plot and real Apostle / Zealot fighting action will begin! So please wait patiently and get acquainted with this tale, sit back and read, dammit!
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Characters: Main

Shura Paint – A relatively short and slender girl, with a set of jet-black pigtails, pale skin and bloody garnet eyes. Currently 15. She is a trap and planned attack specialist, and holds a grudge against the Apostles for taking away everything she once knew. She has a brother, who was taken away by the Apostles, and believed to be dead. He left her a keepsake taking the form of a thin bible, which miraculously protected her from enemy bullets. Currently fighting for the zealots, befriends Cryo, and unfitting for a small, teenage girl, she is a master soldier, having slain thousands of enemy soldiers in many life and death situations. Her past with the ‘invasion’ is yet to be revealed.

(Alan) Kazura Cryo – Another 16 year old resident of El Nath, with a few special features. He has dark brown hair, and eyes azure as the sky. Despite his meek appearance, he is an expert on the ‘only known by a few people’ and difficult, ‘Maple Hero Style’ sword techniques. He possess the rare ‘mana’ to some extent, and relentlessly strikes his foes when enraged. He is angered when people talk about death and combat, “As if they’re building sand castles,” (He is Good at building sand castles). He gets rescued by Shura, and befriends her. When he was young, his name was Kazura. Though they get along well, Cryo cannot sometimes understand her. After the attack, his family goes missing. We’ll get to more on that.


Apostle’s Creed Chapter Four: Questions and Assignment

2020, May 01
Location: Sokoro City, 28th Independent Refugee Community

Grenades, a woman, a baby, a blood covered man, a short girl, a ruined city. Like a slideshow, pictures of his past began to flash before him. But unlike a normal flashback, they came in separate, individual pictures. It went slow, then quick, then slow, and then quick again. It continued endlessly, to the point of it getting ridiculous and annoying.

”Dammit, this is so damn boring! It’s like watching toddler entertainment!” Cryo thought loudly.

“Well, you wished for it. You desire nothing, remember? How ironic,” a familiar voice snickered, as the slideshow ceased and disappeared.

“Eh, who’s there?” Cryo looked around. An empty white world, covered with black ebony, and tundra. The sky was a blood-russet color mixed with lead, and an indigo scythe, which he thought was supposed to be a moon, was nailed into the scenery. It was a hollow, lonely, and a creepy world.

“What’s this? Who are you, answer me!” Cryo looked around, frustrated, beginning to lose his cool in this obscure world.

“Well, this is obviously our mind, is it not? A mind of someone who desires nothing, terrifying, is it not? May be even more dangerous than someone who wants everything, do you think so, my dear friend, Kazura?” the voice echoed once more, and a man, lurking in the shadows, sluggishly came forth.

The lurking shadow was correct. Ever since he was born, Cryo desired nothing. Unlike the rest of his age, he did not ask for candy or games while he was growing up. They just didn’t appeal to him. He completed everything without complaints and interest, schoolwork, his skills with the sword, and most other things. Yet, he wasn’t emotionless. He got scared easily, gave up on most things midway, (Except the sword), feared death, knew rage, and was somewhat friendly to others.

“You have yet much to learn, Kazura Cryo,” the voice called again, this time, it wasn’t just one. There was another, hidden behind the curtains of shadows.

‘Kazura’, he remembered that name. That was his name, until his family moved to the El Nath city, when he was little and still living at the northlands, where the ice refused to melt.

“How do you remember my real name, a name that even I have forgotten?” Cryo blurted out, demanding an answer.

“Oh, but you know us well, because we are-“ a man a red shadow and a man with a blue shadow slowly strode out of the darkness, revealing themselves. They were-

A blindingly graceful light approached, and the hollow world, the two mysterious individuals, the darkness was torn apart and washed away.

”There is much room to fill in this world, do not despair. Your inexperience means that there is that there is much room for advance. You will become powerful, Kazura.

“Have you come to?”

He identified Shura’s voice. They was alive, thank goodness. He was so happy, yet uneasy, because of the regretful dream he just had. Sweat dripped from every gland, and his eyes dilated in mental instability. Forgotten faces of long ago, those he cannot recall, because they were too shocking. Unwanted faces, which have come to haunt him.

He slowly pushed away the eyelids, which were obscuring his vision. As he fully gained consciousness, he realized several people, in a snow-white hospital room, lying on a comfortable hospital bed, surrounded him.

“What a rough battle, we were asleep for four days, you know, Cryo.” Shura tried to sound cheerful, which this amusing fact. The usually deadpan Shura had completely disappeared. A happy side of her had taken place.

“Not really, Shura. They made you sleep longer, for a complete rejuvenation,” a never-before-heard-of female voice pointed out.

“Oh, is that so, Hope? Ha! I’ve never felt this alive before!” shouted Shura, and jumped off of bed.

“New technology. . .” a faint, voice mumbled, as Shura danced around energetically, and ignored it.

“Your name, Mister? No aliases please,” a man which seemed to be the doctor asked.

“Oh, he’s Cryo, Alan Cryo.” Shura informed, absent-mindedly.

“Well, if you’re looking for my real name, then I’m Kazura Cryo. Alan was just a nickname to get acquainted with the city,” Cryo sighed, and got out of the soft, white, and comforting bed. The floor was unexpectedly warm.

“Mr. Cryo, Ms. Paint, You two have completely recovered, you may leave the hospital at any time now,” the doctor said, and left.

“Eh? You had a secret I didn’t know about?” Shura frowned.

“Good timing Shura, you’ve awoken.” A tall, tanned man with a mud-brown coat and hair approached the door, and everyone’s attention turned to him.

“Vice-commander! We have a new recruit!” Shura shouted, pointed at Cryo, and lowered her head.

“Geez, this girl, she still thinks this whole war is just a game. I’m not the vice commander, okay? Anyways, I have some important information you need to know,” he sighed, and continued.

“As you see, the problem with these Apostles are getting really big, those idiots, finally noticing after a major city is struck. Anyways, they recognized the dangers of the Apostles and our importance. Now we’ve been recruited into a special force in the army, designed to hunt down Apostles, since we are trained to do so, and some of us have similar powers,” he said, sounding in a good mood.

“What happened to El Nath City?” Cryo asked, shaking his head and wiping his eyes.

“El Nath city wasn’t completely destroyed, the center was heavily damaged, the infected people have been taken care of, and they’re currently repairing it now,” the man nick-named Vice-commander reported.

“Anyways, Shura, Mr. Cryo, do you know where we are right now?” he inquired.

“This nice hospital means that it isn’t headquarters, I have no idea sir, could this be a IRC?” she wondered.

“That’s correct. We’re here at the 28th Independent Refugee Community, A.K.A. Sokoro City. Can’t believe this fortress was built in a few months, amazing, isn’t it?” the Vice-Commander commented.

“Well, Shura, you have a really important mission given to you. You’re the leader this time. I guess you can manage five people, right?” he asked.

“Sure I can!” she replied.

“Okay, this is how it will go. You’re going to live in an apartment, work, go to school, and spend your youthful days here,” he grinned.

“Wait! I belong in the battlefield! You can’t put me there!” she screamed. Clenching her fists in frustration.

“There’s more, you annoying fight-freak! Look at this,” he said, and pulled out a beautifully decorated ivory-base box. He opened it, and slowly pulled out the content. It looked like a bigger half of a hairpin, but yet still usable. It was made of pure silver, and a sapphire circle in the middle, with a black Sagittarius symbol.

“It’s a broken piece of an Apostle’s jewelry, or so they say. Shura, the higher-ups want you and some others to guard this damn dangerous thing. I really don’t think you should but-“

“Let’s do it!” she shouted, and clipped in on her hair.

“Wait, take it off! You don’t know what’s going to happen when you wear it, it may be cursed!” he shouted, and tried to take it off.

“I don’t feel anything bad coming from it, why not? It makes me feel almighty, though, makes me feel like I just slew one of them,” Shura grinned, pushing away the vice-commanders hands.

“Not really, you look like one yourself,” vice-commander scowled.

“They’ll be coming after you, you know. This is highly classified information, but Apostles are identified by their jewelry, with the symbols of the zodiac. Sapphire and that sign must mean that this belonged to a Sagittarius. As we know, Sagittarius isn’t the weakest of them. You could die, you know,” he sighed.

“That would be better for me, because I exist only to destroy them,” she growled furiously.

“So the Apostles are identified by zodiac symbols, eh? Is that true, Mr. Sanong?” A low, male voice reverberated in the room as a man with short mixed hair of wood and ash came in, wearing a navy blue hat with silver trims.

“So you’ve arrived, Traus Reganus?” Mr. Sanong grinned.

The man entered, and quietly sat down on one of the hospital chairs.

“Anyways, though chances are low, Shura, if an Apostle attacks one day, hold the Apostle at bay while the refugees run, then get your ass out of there as fast as you can. Many experienced soldiers fought them, but they were all killed. No Apostles have been confirmed of death yet. They are really terrifying. Anyways, in the meantime, I should be introducing you to your new comrades. Mr. Cryo, this would be asking too much, but can you please help little Shura out? You’re the only one in this city who has natural, built-up mana, probably. I was informed that some Apostles have the ability to cancel your contact with Maple Spirit. Shura would be just a normal girl then, helpless in the war,”

“Tchh,” Shura spat, as she despised helplessness.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have anywhere else to go than here. Thank you for a new peaceful life,” Cryo spoke, with a smile.

“Well, that settles that. Lets go, I’ll show you where you’ll be staying in. Come on,” Mr. Sanong laughed, and took the exit. Shura, Cryo, Reganus, the quiet girl, and the small girl followed.

“Wait a minute, these kids are involved in this as well?” Cryo frowned, the two girls seemed definitely under adolescence.

“It’s quite sad, but they’re the only ones who has the ability to do so. They do have some resolve, yet aren’t you a child yourself?” Mr. Sanong sighed, then stared at Cryo.

“Well, yeah, exactly. I hate fighting, and I dislike what’s going on right now. If I were them, I would just try to live a normal life,” Cryo replied.

“Well, that’s your choice to do whatever you want with your powers. Anyways, we’re all going to introduce ourselves when we get there, but let me introduce you to these three. I’m sure you know Shura very well-“

“No need. So this looks like where all of you trashes are gathering,” an angry looking boy ascended up the stairs, stomping in every step as he entered the corridor.

“Oh **** here comes the problem child. . .” Mr. Sanong groaned.

A kid with sandy blonde hair and enraged, scarlet eyes emerged, and approached the six.

“So this is our sixth,” Reganus scowled, and gulped.

“Mr. Sanong, um, I brought him here, because he was getting angry, and impatient. Is this okay?” a person was behind him, female, with blonde hair that came up to her shoulders, and crystal clear eyes that portrayed hidden sorrow.

“Whatever, it’s okay, Nova. We were going to meet up, anyways. Everyone, this is Miss November Alice Zerra, the landlady of the apartment you’re going to stay in. She’s fifteen, get to know her well,” Mr. Sanong introduced, and Nova smiled.

“Um, this impatient young man is Sasano Cannaro, and he is a sniper. Excellent reflexes and aim, yeah, but freaking annoyingly pessimistic and bad-mouthed,” Mr. Sanong growled, glaring at Cannaro.

“Tchh,” Sasano replied, in his usual pissed off mood.

“This young lady with the glasses is Suri Chereny and she-“

“She’s a freaking four-eyed NEET that does nothing but lock herself in her room!” Cannaro spat.

“Ahem, according to reality, I actually make way much more money using my computer than your greedy little hands can make, my little Sasano,” Suri teased, and made a devious grin, which pissed Cannaro even more than he already was.

“Um, Ms. Chereny is an expert hacker, and really does make more than Sasano. (Grin) She’s sisxteen, and she is good with computers and machines,” Mr. Sanong finished, then moved onto the next person.

“This is Traus Reganus,” he pointed to the man with the short hair of mixed ash and wood, and the navy blue hat. “He’s eighteen. He is probably the most advanced in using the Maple Spirit here. He’s also the one who pulled you two up while the zombies were ready to feast on your bodies. Be sure to thank him later,” Mr. Sanong paused, as Cryo and Shura thanked him.

“He works well with any gun, especially the heavy ones. He also joined us by his own free will, while most others were forced in by vengeance or responsibility,” he continued, it seemed like Reganus was his favorite.

“Anyways, this young lady over here is the youngest of all of us, being thirteen. But she doesn’t fight. She’s a medic,” he said, as he pointed to the shortest person available. She had neck-length, harvest gold hair, fair skin, and innocent green eyes.

“Hope Soro, that’s her name. Take good care of her, don’t bully her or anything, especially you, Sasano!” Mr. Sanong warned.

“Don’t freaking talk like you know me, dammit!” he barked in reply.

“And here, this is Alan Kazura Cryo,” he pointed at Cryo, and continued.

“Though he isn’t a part of the special-forces, he volunteered to help protect this city if necessary. He is a melee fighter, and unlike you guys, he doesn’t have a Maple Spirit, he has his own supply of built up mana. He’s sixteen, so I hope you guys get along well,” Mr. Sanong hoped.

“And finally, introducing the leader for this assignment, Miss Shura Paint. Well, all of you have worked with her before, so everyone should know she’s skilled, efficient, and methodical. Just because she’s younger than some of you doesn’t mean she can’t be the captain, so respect her well. That’s all,”

“I won’t this bi*** be my captain!” growled Cannaro, pointing at Shura.

“Oh Wizet, three seconds past and already internal strife,” Mr. Sanong groaned.

“Why do they always ask ‘me’ to take care of ‘him’?!” he silently groaned.

“Why not? I believe I’ve proved myself worthy. I’ve pawned you many times before, lead us to victory, and have good relations with the team, unlike you!” snapped back Shura.

“Grr. . .” he growled, and examined the group carefully, as if searching for prey.

“How strong is he?” Cannaro pointed at Cryo, looking serious.

“Tchh, you’d never be able to beat Cryo, don’t even think about it,” Shura muttered.

“So he’s strong. Don’t think of me as same as before, Shura. If I beat him, will you forfeit your place as leader?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever, like that’ll ever happen,” Shura yawned.

“Is he really that good?” Reganus whispered, looking astonished.

“You’ll see,” Shura replied.

“What if I don’t want to fight?” politely inquired Cryo.

“Then I’ll blow you all up with this!” Cannaro grinned, and pulled out an A-Class W.S.43 Detonator, and held it tightly in his hand.

”Oh, my god. . .”

To be Continued. . .

This had same amount of contents as the last chapter. Hope you enjoyed some chattering dialogue. Next chapter is some action.

Next Time: Chapter Five; Arrival of the Storm of Fate

The duel between Cannaro and Cryo begins. Un unexpected storm is stirring to damn the world. . .


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